Higher Education Vs Work Experience Essay

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Heni Ju
Mr. Alex Chee
Higher Education VS Work Experience
Many people believe that a university degree is the only way to get a good job. However, there are still some people who disagree with this view. Mainly because they think that universities do not offer enough experience in the work field. I personally agree that pursuing a university degree is a correct choice for young people, especially recent high school graduates.
With college tuition climbs up each year, money seems to be a big obstacle for some people. It’s the most common reason that explains why most students prefer to dive right into an entry-level job rather than to invest money in a college degree. “Whether it’s driven by economics or personal preference, this decision can have major impacts on their professional career as well as their personal life.” (Day and Newburger 3)
Of course, not everyone can afford to invest a full time degree program. Some may think it’s more beneficial to ...view middle of the document...

Firstly, people with higher educational level get better jobs and good salary. The most important part of a CV is the education someone has followed and as the proof of it is the certificate of their degree. The demand for workers with university degree has rocketed these days. Many hiring officers tend to recruit workers with the higher education. This also impacts their earnings. The higher educational level they have, the better salary they get.
“Over their working lives, typical college graduates earn about 73 percent more than typical high school graduates, and those with advanced degrees earn two to three times as much as high school graduates. More educated people are less likely to be unemployed and less likely to live in poverty.” (Baum and Payea 9)
Another benefit is meeting others from distant places with different backgrounds and to make connections. At university, we will surround ourselves with people who can share multiple knowledge and experiences. Networking is important for better future career. One other major point is learning how to deal with people. More interactions we made help us to understand better how other people think and operate.
Lastly, we can improve our skill set and have a better understanding about our chosen field. “A clear benefit of a college education is that not only it will give you time to know about your likes and dislikes before entering the labor force, it will also enhance the likelihood of a more lucrative career for you.” (McGuire)
In conclusion, there is no doubt that graduating from university can be helpful for building our future career. As I have already agreed on, people can live happily, become successful and get amazing results with a university degree. Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply for everyone. People may choose their paths to achieve their own desire as long as they stick to it, be persistent and work harder.

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