Higher Education With Non Traditional Students Essay

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Higher Education
Non-Traditional Students
Raymond Barnes
INFT - 101 - D45
Module / Week 6

Today as more and more adults are deciding to further their education the focus has turned to how they learn and why their returning to school in the classroom or online. With this in mind instructors today need to try to adapt to the non-traditional student, instead of the other way around. Helping instructors, theorists have been coming up with ways to measure and test how adult learns.
There has been an increase of adults returning to college and universities due to the economic down turn. Adults bring with them an ingrained way of thinking. To help understand the ...view middle of the document...

([NCSES] Snyder and Dillow) Americans over 25 returning to college has increased by 25% and will continue to do so. Educators and Universities need to continue to adapt to support their needs.

As a non-traditional student I can see how the way I learn was molded. The way I process the information into terms, tactics, and exercises makes it practical for me to use in everyday life. Without being able to use these different methods of learning I would become unable to keep up with the curriculum in the higher education world.
When I looked at the tacit, informal, and formal theories outlined by Schraw and Moshman (1995) I was able to look at the way I approach learning. To see how my peers have affected the way I see the information being presented. It would almost seem to make me biased until proven differently and that may be hard to do. I think that I have a mix of tacit and informal theories. One thing will remain true, the more you do something the better you get at it. This is part of the informal theory called repetition, which always works best for me because of being in the workforce.
As an adult and a student I have to be able to recognize the fact from a feeling. I can feel one way about something, then to have it presented in contrast to the way I was taught. To change the way I think about things and convincing me...

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