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Higher Order Thinking Skills Essay

827 words - 4 pages

TEACHER Self Evaluation of a Lesson
| |Highly Effective |Effective |Improvement Needed |Does not meet Standards |Score |
| |4 |3 |2 |1 | |
|Design of Lesson |The lesson was designed with clear, measurable ...view middle of the document...

|creative thinking amongst students. |and creatively. |and creatively. | |
|Scaffolding |The lesson skillfully met the learning needs and |The lesson differentiated and scaffolded |The lesson attempted to accommodate students |The lesson failed to provide for differentiated | |
| |styles of all students by differentiating and |instructions to accommodate most students’ |with special needs, with mixed success. |instruction for students with special needs. | |
| |scaffolding. |learning needs. | | | |
|Presentation of Lesson |Content presented |Used clear explanations, appropriate language, |Sometimes used language and explanations that |Often presented material in a confusing way, using | |
| |clearly and explicitly, with well-chosen examples |and examples to present material. |were fuzzy, confusing, or inappropriate. |language that was inappropriate. | |
| |and vivid and appropriate language. | | | | |
|Activities |The activities used were student-centered (they |The activities used made connections to |The activities tried to make the subject |The activities rarely hooked students’ interest | |
| |grabbed students’ interest) and relevant |students’ prior knowledge and hooked their |interesting and relate it to things students |or makes connections to their | |
| |(connections to prior knowledge, experience, and |interest. |already knew. |lives. | |
| |reading). | | | | |
|Knowledge of content area |I am an expert in the...

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