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Hills Like White Elephants Compare And Contrast Literary Pieces

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Compare and Contrast Literary pieces

There is a story in every written piece of work whether it is a story or a poem. Every writer catches the attention of their readers. They do this through the role of characterization, rhyme, tone, and several other things. The way the story is written we have to use our imagination to understand what the writer is trying to tell us. By using our imagination we are able to visualize what they are writing about. The story “The road not taken” by Robert Frost and “A worn path” by Eudora Welty there is a common theme. We are the ones that determine the ending in our journeys through life, no matter what that journey may ...view middle of the document...

Just as in life because of the choices the characters make and the path they choose leads to different endings in both stories. What causes the reader to pay attention to the story is the setting. The first story that I chose to read was “The road not taken” because I found myself wondering about each path that he stated about in the first line “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”. This story is written in first person because of the word “I” used consistently through the story. The line that actually allowed me to step into the writers shoes was “and be one traveler long I stand”. When I feel like I am in the story I enjoy the story more. He wrote about both paths. One path he said “was grassy and wanted wear” and the other path “bent in the undergrowth”. These two sentences about the paths made me feel like I was in the story. I was able to picture a fork in the woods with two different paths that lead to different places.
“The road not taken” had many forms of symbolism. The sentence “Two roads diverged” could mean many different things. It could mean two of any choice one person could make. The word “yellow” means aging or decay. This word used in the story made me feel that maybe Frost was old or getting old and he may have felt he needed a change in his life. He had two choices to choose from. He was already on one path but was unsure where he was going to end up if he continued on that path. He came upon another path that was green and grassy. That paths ending was unknown as well. Frost quoted “in leaves no step had trodden black”. This was how he referred to the paths. When he spoke of the word “black” when speaking of the paths he was using symbolism. The word black means death. In this story he was looking at his choices. He seemed to wonder if the one path was green and grassy why it was that way. Did the people either not choose that path or did they not come back on that path? One thing he did know was both paths would follow fate which was death. Frost made a turning point in the poem where he actually made up his mind on what choice to make. In the poem he ended up in “a wood” instead of in front of two paths “in a yellow wood”. He ended the story in “a wood” and “on the first for another day”. John Savoie stated, “The contradiction lies within the idea that both paths were “equally lay” but Frost chose to take the path of least resistance which indeed is arguable as there is “lack of distinction between the roads”. (Savoie, 2004) He determined his journey with the decisions he made even though his journey was a lonely one.
The story “A worn path” was in third person. It makes the reader feel as if they are in the woods with her. That is what draws a reader in. the setting in this story is in the woods on a path. The story started out “It was December – a bright frozen day early in the morning”. To me the worst time of the year is winter. The description of the setting that Welty gave made me want to keep reading to find...

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