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Hindu Wedding Customs Essay

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Espousement is the institution whereby men and women are joined in a special kind of gregarious and licit dependence for the purport of founding and maintaining a family (Webster's Dictionary). When a couple gets espoused they make a vow in front of their dotted ones and their God to be together for the rest of their lives and abide by each other. In the Hindu religion, which is the third most sizably voluminous religion in the world, weddings are very sacred, therefore a wedding ceremony takes an abundance of time and effort and it is composed of different rituals and ceremonies. The Hindu espousement, "Lagan Vivah" is the connection of two human beings in a nuptial ceremony that takes ...view middle of the document...

Moksha is a reincarnation with a deity. In recent Hinduism the moksha that you obtain is with the god of your cull, or whomever you worshipped as your patron deity. The terms of dharma and karma are the implements that we must use in order to obtain moksha and elude samsara. Your position in life is due to the karma that you had in your antecedent life. In antediluvian times, to engender order the rajas, or kings, of villages and towns would assign jobs and positions to everyone in the area. This was the pristine conception abaft the system to caste. "There is the astute - the priestly Brahmins, the advisories, the heads of society" (Indian Culture in the Modern World, 2002, par. 37). They could be referred to as the head of the body of Hindu culture.
The Espousements are arranged by the parents of those to be wed. The Hindus accept this because they visually perceive espousement as functional, not as an act of love. Even after espousement, the man will probably spend most of his time with his friends in lieu of his wife. Hindu espousement customs may seem alien to those in Western society, but they accommodate a purport for the Hindus. Not espousing a woman with certain traits obviates the children of that espousement from having those traits, additionally. The arrangement of espousements by the parents obviates the children from being tempted by desire and therefore makes it more facile for them to achieve Nirvana. A widow committing suicide would be against the law in India but the widow kills herself out of obligation to her husband and to those who would have to take care of her if she was alive. These practices may not make any sense to us but they may make a better Hindu society Even so, a husband's first obligation is to forfend his wife. His responsibilities are very wide ranging. He is withal responsible for his parents, brothers and sisters. The primary obligation of a wife is to comply with her husband and accolade him as her god. An arranged espousement does not mean a coerced espousement. In fact, coerced espousements are now illicit in India. Though the two may not ken each other, they are both inclined to get espoused.
Many events transpire before the main wedding ceremony. The engagement ceremony, which in Hindi is called a Sagai’, is when the bride's relatives visit the groom’s house and perform a rudimental ceremony, in which they accept the boy to be engaged to the girl. Next a kindred ceremony is performed at the bride's house by the groom's relatives. The couples are now officially declared 'engaged'. After this they would seek to be licitly espoused at a registration office. It would be here that their wedding rings would be exchanged and an official wedding.
This ceremony takes place two or three days before the wedding. During Haldi, a paste composed of turmeric, gram flour, curd, sandalwood and rose dehydrogenase monoxide are applied on the hands, feet and face of the bride and the groom. The yellow color of the...

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