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Hinduism Paper

1072 words - 5 pages

HUM 1130
30 January 2010

Hinduism Option One

The belief in “God” is something that is commonly shared in my family. I was raised in Lutheran religion and was brought to church at a very young age. My early belief about God was brought about through teachings from my parents and Lutheran Sunday school. I remember being taught that God was good, knew everything about me and wanted me to be good. I also remember that a fear was instilled in me that I should obey God and believe in God, so I was not punished by being sent to Hell.
At this early age, I formed a vision of God that was the vision of Jesus. I did not have the ability to understand the separation between the two and just ...view middle of the document...

” I asked him if he knew why he developed those feelings towards God and Craig said, “I believe it came from how my Minister was, he put the fear of God into us.”
I also decided to interview my Mother, Linda Bernier, about this topic and she was very eager to discuss this with me. I asked my Mother the same questions I had asked Craig. She told me that the earliest vision she had of God was of “an older man with a white beard wearing a white gown.” She also told me that she first learned of who God was through the Church. My Mother was also raised Lutheran and her early views of God were similar to my own. She said that she felt “excited and happy to learn there was a God.” However, she also was quick to say that she “didn’t want to do anything wrong” to disobey God. When I asked her why, she said, “I didn’t want to take a chance and end up going to Hell.”
As adults, we all have different views of what God looks like now. My Mother views God as “a Presence” and does not view God in human form. I asked my Mother why her view of God changed, she stated, “I learned through reading the Bible and going to Church that God is more than a man, he is the whole thing, more an essence.” When I asked my Mother if she felt her vision or views about God would change as she aged, she told me “No.”
In contrast to my Mother’s view of God being larger than what she viewed him as a child, my Husband told me that he views God in a smaller way than he did as a child. He told me that he now views God as “a normal person, average older man with white hair” and “not tall like I used to.” My Husband attributes this change to “getting older, I formed more decisions on my own, without being intimidated by a Minister.” My husband is no longer...

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