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Hinduism Vs Buddhism Essay

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The ideas of Hinduism and Buddhism both originated in India. However, the origin of Hinduism dates back to over 5,000 years ago whereas the origin of Buddhism came much later after that. Although Buddhism might show some Hindu ideas, it is still its own religion and continues to be practiced by millions today. Both religions have a huge influence throughout the world and have a lot in common while still showing unique individual rituals. Hinduism is the oldest religion as well as the world's third largest religion with the most complex religious system. There is no date to when it began nor is there a precise founder - it is a religion that has no beginning or end. Hindus believe in over ...view middle of the document...

Samudaya is the truth cause of suffering, which is the attachment that one grows to this world. Nirhodha is the truth end of suffering, which can be achieved by ridding one's emotions from themselves and this world. And finally magga, which is the truth path that frees one from suffering. Buddha gives the details for this in the Eightfold Path, a path that leads to the end of the reincarnation cycle.  Both Hinduism and Buddhism not only use the concept of reincarnation but also provide a way to break out of the reincarnation cycle where one can finally find peace in a heaven-like place which is beyond this world. They both believe that there are many ways people can reach enlightenment and that karma is what binds people to the reincarnation cycle. Just like Buddhists believe that attachment is what causes the suffering in this world, Hindus also believe that actions based on attachment are what causes suffering. Meditation, yoga, deep concentration and finding a peaceful state of mind are all rituals practiced by both religions. Both religions emphasize on peacefulness and do not promote any violence due to the fact that they both believe in reincarnation and that all living things are involved in this cycle. And finally, both religions believe that by doing good deeds, this will help save them in the end.
A major difference between Hinduism and Buddhism is that Hindus believe in over 300 million different...

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