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International relation is a fast moving subject of study; it came too recognised as academic discipline. Despite adjective international, the field is concerned with much more than relations between or amongst state. Other actors such as international organisation, Multination Corporation, and terrorist groups are now all of what could more correctively be termed world politics. Different perspectives on the international relations naturally generate debates. In 1930’s realist and idealist argued over the nature of the international politics and the possibility of the peaceful ...view middle of the document...

The striking feature of the study of international relations in recent times its field has been developed and experiencing a phase of great research activity which its friends see as an appreciable development of the discipline but its foes take it as a trend towards an eventual dismemberment of the body of knowledge.

Power is a core concept of realist is defined as a psychological relationship in which in one actor is able to control the behaviour of another actor is one who acts to promote his interest. Thus to act rationally is to seek power, acting in pursuit of personal, group and national interests is eminently political, it is also like obeying forces that are inherent in human nature. To seek power in order to promote one’s interest is to follow the basis dictates of the laws of nature; a good political person is a rational person- a person, that is who understands and seek power but who also moderates his quest for power, because he realises that others also understands and seek power. The most important characteristic of rational political person is prudence, he is concerned with the survival and growth of his social collectively, but he never risks collectively survival in the pursuit of limitless growth or independence of ideological moralistic or legalist righteousness. The rational political person is in the lost analysis, a pragmatist and to him understanding, bargains, and compromises are more likely to prevail than rulers, adjudication, and moral righteousness. Machiavelli remains the sources and inspiration of survival oriented behaviour. Morality, legalism, ideologies these are luxuries that can be pursued only if they do not endanger the viability and the political collectively or the government that speaks for the collectively (Johari, 2009:58).
Politics is the art of the government, not an art of the possible, a good political person does not do what is possible, and rather he does what is good. He provides for the good life which involves justice, obedience to legitimate rules and respect for his follow humans, both domestically and internationally. no patterns of behaviour is unchangeable , man has the capacity to learn and to change and control his behaviour purely interest motivated behaviour reduces a person to the instincts of the beasts, overtime, humans learn, improve, and grow. Civilisation means learning to co-exist in societies, operating under their fair laws and banning the laws of the jungle, which permit the survival only of the most powerful, and the most ferocious. Morals principles which are universal among all the world major religious can serve as the foundation from which fair and just laws can be derived, which in turns can be applied effectively. Thus politics should involve the abandonment of the force, the encouragement of the learning and the co-existence of the society under the leadership of adequately enlightened rulers, how best the state can meet internal violence and...

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