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His 135 Week 7 Interview Assingment Essay

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Week 7 Interview Assignment
Aaron Cobb
May 12th, 2013
Joseph Woodard

Week 7 Interview Assignment

During the Reagan Administration how would you describe the policies that emanated from the president's plan for the economy?

The policies were predicated upon deregulation of certain sectors within the economy including banking as well as tax cuts. The government sought to balance the budget by cutting social welfare programs that affected many people including myself. In addition I remember that the administration focused on supply economics, which sought to increase business investment by focusing on a greater supply of goods and services.

How would you describe the ...view middle of the document...

Despite of the supposed intent to save or invest in important programs, the administration spent this surplus from Social Security revenue paid for by me and other Americans to replace lost revenue from this administrations tax cuts that assisted the rich. Therefore, I suffered as a result of this policy.

Do you believe that Reagan raised the debt in the Country?

Yes, prior to Reagan it took the United States 200 years to accumulate its first $1 trillion dollars of national debt, but once Reagan took office the second on trillion dollars of debt was accumulated in 5 years. By the end of his administrations and his Vice-President's Bush, who succeeded Reagan, the national debt had quadrupled to $4 trillion dollars.

Was the increase in Military spending really necessary?

The previous question dictates how I feel about Reagan's military spending because most of the increased debt was a direct result of the increase in military spending. Reagan was in a proverbial arms race with the Soviets and his development of the so called "Star Wars" program of Strategic Defense Initiative was a prime reason that military spending increased. In addition Reagan armed many groups across the world who were engaged in proxy American wars against Soviet backed governments. A competition for military supremacy between two powers, especially for the most weapons and the best military technology was Reagans approach to military spending, which sunk my country into serious debt.

Did you support Reagans approach to cutting the size of the government?

Reagan's premise of society was based on libertarianism, which believes that people should have the liberty to live as they see fit as long as they allow others to do the same. Therefore, while he preached cutting the size of the government, his actions spoke otherwise in regard to the military spending and engaging in proxy...

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