His135 W 9 Final Most Significant Events

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Most Significant Events

Most Significant Events
The political scene has experienced much success and downfall during the last 50 years, and the latest generation has still witnessed or experienced some of the remnants of such happenings. Every decade made some significant contributions to the American society, and has somehow molded United States to what it is now. The country has been through many wars, and has consistently fought for utmost civil rights for its citizens. After all the battles that we have been through, we still managed to live for our dreams, watched some of them come true and some of them fail because of both the triumphs and ...view middle of the document...

These two powerful nations are Soviet Union and United States. On one side, Soviet Union knowing the power of the United States, was only looking out for the US to make their move, with Soviet Union ready for any attack. On the other hand, United States was also thinking the same thing, acknowledging the war powers of Soviet Union, and was also preparing for any attack.
One of the most negative impacts of the Cold War to the United States was McCarthyism. Because of too much pre-caution, United States formulated all the reasons that they could use against the Soviet Union. They were highly resistant of the Soviet Union because of Communism. Senator Joe McCarthy knew just how hard it would be for the Americans to receive an idea that was too strange and radical, when they were very used to the capitalist and democratic set-up already. In 1950s, the Cold War and McCarthyism were two of the most significant events.
The 1960’s- The Vietnam War
When we speak of 1960s, Vietnam War will always be the one that will easily be remembered. United States became highly involved in this turbulence between 1968-1969 when they sent almost 5,000 US troops on the war and Pentagon released $77.8 billion just to fund the war. Unfortunately, almost 58,000 Americans and Vietnamese were killed in this war (Vietnam War, 2000). This event will forever be remembered for the thousands of lives that were taken, and for its negative impact that it has caused the American mindset. Even college students constantly conducted rallies, yelling to the administration to just end the war because it was senseless and very obvious that US could never win it. Out of the desperation of the American administration, Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson sent around 60,000 troops to Vietnam, and drastically only half of them were able to return alive (Mabry, 2003). And those that managed to go back to their hometown were still badly wounded.
Technically, the Vietnam War has created a lot of tragic predicaments for the Americans, but it was said that it was even worse in Vietnam. People were liberated from the dogma of communism, but it still caused them to ask for help from us. Moreover, the following generation still continually felt the impact through the Agent Orange, and a lot of health impacts of the bombing still continue to affect the people. Too many lives and investments were taken from this war, that there was literally so little that was left for this decade.
The 1970’s- Watergate
By 1970s, everyone was hopeful. Everyone was hoping for this decade to be daybreak from the 1960’s Vietnam War. Unfortunately, all we got was a president who knew nothing, but to abuse his power. Nixon’s Watergate scandal did not only cause a significant trouble in the United States, but it also destroyed public’s trust of their administrators and other politicians. People stopped seeing politicians as public servants. The Watergate scandal revealed that the former President...

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