Hispanic Americans Rise In The United States

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Hispanic Americans rise in the United States
January 2013

The history of the United States houses many different cultures, ethnic groups and immigrants yet of these Hispanic Americans have thus far been known to be the quickest growing minority until recently. People who speak or are of Spanish, Latino or Hispanic decent are identified as Hispanic Americans in the United States being that they come generally from the Latin America region. Hispanics have experienced the difficulties of immigration to the United States, assimilation, conflict with other ethnic groups closely related to their own and many other problems with acceptance into the American culture. Culture differences have ...view middle of the document...

By 2007, due to the mass Hispanic immigration that bore children, 52 percent of Hispanic children had immigrant parents while 11 percent had been born just before entering the United States. Hispanic children who had US born parents were a now a minority of 37 percent (Pew Research Center, 2012). Immigration from Mexico and other Latino descents are never bound to fully let up because there are many outlining factors that drive them to America in search of different opportunities as well as family ties. Many don’t realize that Spanish isn’t just a function of 20th and 21st centuries in the US but has been spoken as long as English has in America if not longer. “Throughout the history of immigration to America, Mexicans seem to have made little progress in moving up from immigrant status to mainstream social status, partly due to the amount of discrimination and the poor educational systems provided to them” (Alba, 2006).
How well Hispanics have assimilated seems to depend on them and their view point. There is an equal amount of Hispanics that identify themselves as an average American while the other half state they are much different from the average American. “Being born in the United States and speaking English makes Hispanics more likely to say they are ‘typical,’ but over one quarter of ‘third and higher generation’ Hispanics still say they are ‘very different’ from typical Americans”(Jackson, 2012). How one perceives there self as a Hispanic American is a huge indicator of assimilation because half identify themselves as Mexican according to their parent’s nationality while 21 percent just refer to themselves as Americans (Jackson, 2012). Mexicans make up nearly 63 percent of the Hispanics within the United States. Assimilation can be perceived as a bad thing for Hispanics due to those born within the United States tend to have poorer dietary lifestyles, live a shorter life span, are heavier in weight, and indulge in smoking drinking and partaking of drugs more frequently than they would in their home country. The more time immigrants spend in America, the further their tendencies and humanity mimics that of Hispanics born in the United States whether through attitude, politics, discrimination, personal identity, parenting and overall lifestyle. It is guesstimated that by midcentury more than 133 million Hispanics will reside in the US, if that is the case perhaps Americans will be conforming to them, instead of them to us.
Hispanics do face a great deal of discrimination in many forms. The conflicts they have include succeeding in America, their workplace, and in education. Approximately 82 percent of Hispanics believe that discrimination against them is an ongoing issue. However 83 of percent of them also indicate that Latinos discriminate against one another yet that of whites is still a worse issue. “Native-born Hispanics are more aware of discrimination than the foreign-born, as are those who speak...

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