Histo Act Essay

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I. A few general comments
A. Why Reform of the WTO is the Wrong Agenda: A Reaction
The World Trade Organization (WTO) is supposed to be directed towards the synergy of world markets, resulting in the economic development of all its constituent countries. However, the article showed otherwise, revealing it to be the dastardly tool used by economic giants in sapping-out what is left of whatever resources developing countries have. It is an organization which contradicts its own ideals of equality and democracy as its movements and decisions are dictated only by those who have power and are directed towards the boon of those same nations.
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In what was supposed to be a utopia of global prosperity, a battle arena was formed. The WTO has also set a sort of technological race for industrialized countries. Technological development is a key factor towards the growth of a country’s economy and is therefore one of the most potent tools in the WTO’s arsenal. By sharing their knowledge on their innovations and discoveries to other countries, a synergy could form and therefore boost every nation into economic success. Instead, these countries compete and try to outdo one another. They even resort to the theft of intellectual property to get ahead. They not only prevent what could possibly save our suffering economies but also slow down development, all because of greed.
The economic giants not only dictate actions to developing nations, they out right bully them. They exploit their economic power to gain more, all at the expense of those smaller economies. Even if a country has enough natural resources for self sustainability they would push their exports to them, whilst making that country believe that development is impossible without their help. They themselves are the obstruction towards the growth they promised to help those countries attain.
As was said in the article, there is no use reforming an organization which institutionalizes and legitimizes inequality as it only strengthens it. To truly develop and gain from this organization, the developing countries must first weaken it to the point that it has to, once again, abide by international democratic laws. Its flaws are incredible and can no longer be reformed. They have no choice but to completely tear down these so called “rules” of the WTO to finally obtain the promise of economic prosperity.
B. Globalization and Child Labour in the Philippine Setting: A Reaction
There is no denying the benefits globalization has to the development of mankind. The idea of humanity being united as a sole entity, regardless of race and nationality, working towards the holistic growth of world economies is quite appealing, as well as the unity though diversity of world cultures.
Globalization is, ideally, the complete equality of all nations throughout the world. Each country would help one another and work hand-in-hand in the accomplishment of global prosperity. This, however, remains just as an ideal as it seems that only industrialized countries benefit from this pact. The inflow of economic resources seems to only circulate within this small group of countries, with the developing nations as the source. Because of this, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.
There is obviously a widening gap between the wealthy and those living in poverty. The problem with this is that it cannot be easily seen by means of statistics. The money only circulates to the rich from the poor and, therefore, does not show through the county’s GDP. We hear reports of the...

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