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Historical Development Essay

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When one thinks about the historical developments in nursing research and research utilization, the statement is indeed true… that nursing has evolutionalized. This brief journey into historical research has been described by LoBiondo – Wood and Haber (1998) as ‘the systematic compilation of data, resulting from evaluation and interpretation of facts regarding people, events and occurrences of the past’ History is where we come from, who we are, and where we are going. History may not always repeat itself exactly, but knowledge of history can serve as a guide to avoiding pitfalls or mistakes similar to those in the past (Rees and Howell, 1999) Developments covered will include ...view middle of the document...

The Nursing Science Quarterly, published in 1988, is unique in that it is the only journal devoted exclusively to the enhancement of nursing knowledge (Parse, 2000). The Nursing Science Quarterly publishes manuscripts that give emphasis on nursing theory development, nursing theory-based practice and quantitative and qualitative research that is related to existing nursing frameworks, contributed by the leading theorists, researchers and nurse executives. In each issue, of the Nursing Science Quarterly, there are timely coverage of the latest in theory development, nursing research and practice (Parse, R. 2000).
The development of the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is about advancing excellence in healthcare. It encompassed a wide range of healthcare related fields. It covers clinical information which includes evidence based practice, outcomes and effectiveness, effective healthcare and preventive sources. The AHRQ also focuses on funding opportunities such as the Electronic Grant Application, research policies, and training and education. Some research findings that the agency focuses on include research activities for online newsletter, primary and managed care, mental health and long term care.
The AHRQ focuses on specific populations such as women, children, minorities, elderly, disabilities, inner city, chronic care and end of life. It stresses being an active health care consumer, health plans, prescriptions, prevention and wellness and quality of life. In nursing, their aim of advancing excellence in healthcare, the AHRQ works towards healthcare innovations, exchanging health information technology, medical errors and patient safety.
The first nursing diagnosis conference was called in 1973. This was done through the efforts of the faculty members at St. Louis University, Gebbie and Lavin. They had this conference called because of clinical issues. They thought there was a need to identify the nurses’ role in their ambulatory care setting. Nursing had been offered space on a computerized record keeping system but the clinical problems to be placed in the space was the question that arose. These two issues, one as old as nursing itself and the other a modern technological development, provided the incentive for the first national conference to identify nursing diagnoses. (Jordon, 1998) This conference led to the formation of the National Conference Group on Classification of nursing diagnosis. The group includes staff nurses, clinical specialists, and directors of nursing, deans, faculty, theorists and researchers. Some are recent...

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