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History 204 Essay

1172 words - 5 pages

Foreign Affairs
Amy Obszarski
History 204
26 June 2014

American foreign affairs were a large part of the beginning of the 20th century when the U.S. started to become a world power. World War I was the first big test for U.S. foreign policy. Before becoming a full participant in the war, the United States helped supply the Allied Powers. Although the U.S. again tried to avoid getting involved, eventually they were drawn into World War II. Soon after World War II the Cold War with the Soviet Union began and lasted for over 40 years. After World War II the U.S. thought that there would be peace but North Korea invaded South Korea which started the Korean conflict ...view middle of the document...

E.2007). President Wilson did not believe in the imperialist policies of his predecessors and brought a different view of foreign policy to the White House. He felt that other countries should decide for themselves what kind of government they should have. Prior to getting involved in World War I, Latin America presented the biggest foreign policy problem to the United States. The American public did not want to get involved in World War I and initially President Wilson keep the United States was neutral. When Germany began attacking all ships off the coast of Europe regardless of what country they were from, the President Wilson cut off diplomatic relations with Germany.

This article deals with the U.S. relationship with Spain during World War II. America's relationship with Spain during World War II has aroused controversy. The decision to recognize the rightist government of General Francisco Franco was viewed as betrayal and appeasement. America was following Britain's course when it came to dealing with Spain. Britain wanted to safeguard British investments and to keep Spain out of the war.

This article talks about how the U.S. approached the Soviet Union during the beginning of the Cold War. Ideology motivated and shaped U.S. foreign policy during the early Cold War. American elite pushed the United States to remake the world in its image in the belief that peace will follow. Soviet relative power grew following World War II with a sharp increase from 1946 to 1948. U.S. strength was greater than the Soviet Union’s throughout the period.

This article talks about the nuclear order of battle. The Cuban Missile Crisis during October1962 marked the closest the world has come to nuclear war. Neither the President nor the Soviet Premier wanted nuclear war and did everything to prevent it.

This article talks about the conflict between President Truman and General MacArthur. President Truman did not want Korean Conflict to become a global war. After the capture of the North Korean capital General MacArthur pushed toward the border of China which caused China to enter the conflict. General MacArthur felt that the problems in dealing with communist China existed because of the restrictions placed on the military in Washington. This caused an extreme conflict and ultimately led to President Truman removing General MacArthur from command.

This article gives details about interviews and comments President Kennedy made about the...

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