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The beginning of Jamestown in the New World proved to be a tremendous struggle on those who first stepped off the ship. Disease, famine, and drought are only a few of the many factors the colonists faced in the unfamiliar territory in which they eventually named Virginia. Local Powhatan Indian relations also played a huge role in what became of the brave colonists over time. With an extreme amount of determination, strategy, and patience, those who were the very strongest made it through what some believe to be the most difficult period in American history.
In 1606 the first settlers began exploration around the James River. Ironically enough, this area was suffering from the worst ...view middle of the document...

George Percy, who was the current president of the colony at the time, informed the mother land of the extreme measures the colonists were resorting to in order to save the new colony (The “tragicall historie”: Cannibalism and Abundance in Colonial Jamestown – pg. 53). In his writings Percy claims that each of the colonists consumed at least two people, as well as dogs, cats, snakes, and horses (The “tragicall historie”: Cannibalism and Abundance in Colonial Jamestown – pg. 60).
As stories of the intense hardships rushed back to England, the Virginia Company searched for ways to raise funds to help sustain the colony. Depending solely upon the Indians for food proved to be unsuccessful. Occasional ships would arrive at the colony with minimal supplies. Salted pork, dried peas, ship’s biscuit, oatmeal, and beer were brought, but lasted a very short amount of time because of the rate of their perishability (“A continuall and dayly Table for Gentlemen of fashion”: Humanism, Food, and Authority at Jamestown pg. 675).
Desperate conditions forced the colonists to act out...

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