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NO-NO BOY, a novel by John Okada, tells the story of a young Japanese American, Ichiro. The story takes place after the Japanese attack on America. The aftermaths of the attack are seen in the story of Ichiro and his family. After the attack Ichiro is faced with choosing which side he wants to fight for; the country he was born in, The United States, or the country of his heritage, Japan. He refuses to join the US Army and doesn’t pledge his allegiance to the United States. This gives him the nick - name of NO-NO boy. He is then put into an internment camp for two years and is sentenced to prison for two years because of his refusal to join the US Army. He returns home to his ...view middle of the document...

Kenji was not faced with problems with his identity yet he was still dealing with problems about his own life because of the war. Kenji ends up passing away because of his gangrened leg in the novel. Other soldiers that fought the war came home to say that they were treated badly in the army. Ichiro’s little brother Taro, is also an avid supporter of the United States. He decides to defer going to college and enlist into the U.S. Army.
On the other hand there is Ichiro, who decided to not enlist in the army and choose to go to prison instead. Although, he was not left with war wounds and did not experience the same treatments as soldiers did in the army, Ichiro was still faced with problems stemming from the war. He was unable to decide which side he could identify with. This sent him into an emotional turmoil. He resented his mother who choose to side with the Japanese, and his little brother Taro, despised him because he could not choose a side to identify with. After being released from prison he has some much resentment and confusion because of the...

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