History Essay

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The Arthur Martin-Leake History Prize: 2013

How will the essay be marked?
Your essay mark will be out of 30. It will be made up of three parts, each out of 10, and each reflecting a different aspect of your essay. The three aspects teachers will be looking for are:

1. RESEARCH. Quality of historical content. Your essay must reflect a breadth and depth of historical research. This will obviously be evident in the specific, factual detail you use, but may also be reflected through quotations, illustrations, diagrams, maps, etc.

2. JUDGEMENT, FOCUS and PERSUASIVENESS. Quality of your ideas and opinions. Your essay must be driven by ideas and judgements rather than simply by stories ...view middle of the document...

How similar would life for Westminster schoolboys have been in 1700 and 1900?

2. ‘The greatest Head Master Westminster ever had.’ Do you agree with this assessment of Dr Busby?

3. Could the history of Westminster School be told from its buildings alone? Explain your answer.

4. To what extent can Westminster Abbey be seen as an accurate reflection of our national history?
The First World War:

5. To what extent was Germany responsible for causing World War One?

6. Did any ONE battle of WWI define its outcome more than others? Explain your answer.
The deaths
The strategy
The commanders
7. Does Haig deserve to be remembered simply as ‘the butcher of the Somme’?

8. ‘Mere side-shows with no relevance to the main event.’ How far do the campaigns away from the Western Front during WWI justify this comment?

9. How far did the war in the air have a decisive impact on the outcome of the First World War?

10. How close did the U Boat campaign come to winning the First World War for Germany?

11. How important was America’s involvement to the eventual outcome of the First World War?

12. Why did the First World War end when it did?

13. To what extent did WWI affect the lives of Britain’s civilian population?

14. ‘The war poets have been too influential in shaping the image of the First World War in people’s minds.’ Should historians take any notice of the works of the war poets?

Suggested resources:

Your text book – use the contents page at the front and the index at the back.
School Library - there are many useful books in it – use the catalogue to find them. There are also some very useful Online Resources (see Intranet front page, at the bottom of the left hand side.)
Internet – but be careful here, not all sites are equally useful or equally accurate.
Your own resources – there may well be books at home.
Your teacher – do feel free to ask your teacher.

How to plan and write your essay:

Planning the Essay:

The best way to do this well is as follows:

1. Read all the resources you can find and note down on paper relevant details or ideas that you come across. Don’t note anything that is not going to help you answer the question or you will end up with too much paper.

2. Read through all the notes you have and develop an overall answer to the question. Perhaps write a generalised answer of about ½ a side of A4. That summary will make a good introduction (see below).

3. Split your generalised answer down into its different points. Using your notes, find specific evidence that backs up each of those different points. Now you have the judgements and evidence to write the main sections of your essay (see below).

4. Read through all you’ve done and tie it all together again in a conclusion (see below).

Writing the Essay:

• The INTRODUCTION. The introduction is where you summarise the main parts of your argument. Identify the different issues that you have chosen to discuss through...

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