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History Notes On The British Conquest Of New France

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British Conquest of New France (P. 3-8)"ÍWar Over North America"ÃWhy did they want N.A."XRich resourceƒ©Cod-fishing (Newfoundland & Acadia)ƒ©Fur Trade (St. Lawrence River)"ÃBritish vs. French"XBritish has large numbers of colonists"XFrench had few colonists"ÃOhio River Valley War"XMid-1700, resource-rich Ohio River Valley south of Great Lakesƒ©Fur-Trade"X1749, France claimed Valleyƒ©Forts were constructed to block British"X1754, Fighting in Ohio Valley started"X1756, 7 yrs war start"Ã7 Yrs War"XFrench Strategyƒ©Decisive Victory in Europe"XBritish Strategyƒ©All-out offensive against ...view middle of the document...

"XReceive English laws & elected assemblyƒ©Hoped it would draw English settlers"XProtection for Canadien way of life (traditional laws & RC) (Vague)"ÃGovernor James Murray"XDidn't introduce elected assemblyƒ©British Colonists wanted 2 elect reps., make own laws, shape culture of colony"XGive power to small group of British residents"ÃQuebec Act of 1774"XReasons for the Actƒ©1767, Sir Guy Carleton (1766-1770) feared American colonies revolting*Needed loyal subjects in Quebecƒ©1770, tried to persuade British gov. to keep Quebec way of life*They would never to be assimilated*French laws, customs, language were guaranteedƒ©Seigneurs were kept in line w/ Priests*Guarantee power of clergy"XChangesƒ©Kept language, Roman Catholic religion, civil laws (English criminal line)ƒ©Enlarged territory of colony*Once reserved for natives (including Ohio Valley) were part of Quebec*Blocked westward expansion of 13 Coloniesƒ©No provision for elected Assembly*Ruled by governor appointed by british gov.*Council of leaders advised governor"XReactions to the Actƒ©British pop. Wanted Elected Assembly*Gov. didn't want to give RC right to vote

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