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History Of Child Abuse Essay

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History of Child Abuse
BSHS 408
September 28, 2015
Amy Willey, LCSW
History of Child Abuse
All through history, children have been exposed to many different types of abuse. It hasn’t been until the past few decades that legislation and organizations have been created to help the fight against child abuse and neglect. As you will read throughout this paper, the history of child abuse and neglect has contributed to shaping the current policies. Also, this paper will discuss the extent of the abuse and neglect issues along with the differences between the different types of abuse. Finally, this paper will discuss the implications of child abuse and neglect.
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First to change was the child labor laws that occurred in the early 1900’s. By the 19030s and 1940s, the school lunch programs began to help better unemployed families with young children. Also, juvenile court systems, children’s bureaus, and funding for infant care started to form. In 1961, the first child abuse law was developed. “The original intent focused on finding abuse and neglect cases and identifying deterrent punishment, but soon it was apparent that the whole family was often involved in the battered child syndrome,” states Thompson Hischy and Wilkinson (Thompson Hischy & Wilkinson, 2010).
The individual states have also made significant strides in protecting children from abuse and neglect. In the 1960s, every state had passed laws mandating to report all abuse to a particular agency. Each state developed different approaches since some gave statewide procedures while others left it up to the county’s jurisdictions.
Extent of Child Abuse and Neglect
To develop legislation against child abuse and neglect, it is important to have a good understanding the scope of the problem and the consequences across society. The understanding of the issue must be based on clear definitions of what is meant by child abuse and neglect. “Child maltreatment is defined as the endangerment of a child’s physical or emotional health and development by actions or failure to act,” according to Thompson Hischy and Wilkinson (Thompson Hischy & Wilkinson, 2010). According to English (1998), there are nearly three million reports of possible abuse and neglect in the United States each year.
Even with precise definitions of child abuse and neglect, it is still difficult to understand the extent of the problem. The difficulty comes from cases that are mentioned in those responses in a self-report surveys or by the reports to child protective services. Many incidences are not reported or admitted. Unfortunately, with all the progress the government and child welfare agency has made to fight against child maltreatment, it remains a huge problem today. In researching the extent of the problem, I read there could be up to 17 out of every 1000 child is abused or neglected each year. There are many different theories that look at why child abuse and neglect occur.
Theories and Types of Abuse
There are different types of abuse which are important to recognize to help stop the maltreatment of children. According to Thompson Hischy and Wilkinson (2010), child abuse is the endangerment of a child's physical or emotional health and development by actions or failure to act. There are five types of major abuse which are physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and child exploitation.
The way all these types of abuse are different is that it affects the person in different ways and different areas. Whether it is mentally or emotionally, bringing negative thoughts, ruining their inner peace, traumatizing, self-esteem or productivity or...

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