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History Of Dorsey Essay

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History of Dorsey High School
Opening in 1937 Dorsey High School was home to an average of 2,400 students. Dorsey High School served students of Baldwin Hills, Baldwin Village, Jefferson Park, Leimert Park, and portions of Crenshaw. The school was named after Susan Miller Dorsey, the first female superintendent of the Los Angeles public school system. Throughout the years, Dorsey High School has made quite a reputation for itself. Some can say that it is worth bragging about. Others beg to differ. Ranging from the various sports teams, notable alumni, math and science programs, and more, Dorsey High School is a place where teenagers are turned into young adults, sports is idolized, and education is taken seriously. Throughout the negativity, assumptions, and rumors, Dorsey has strived above and beyond the call ...view middle of the document...

Dorsey‘s academic decathlon teams also won Los Angeles City Super Quiz championships in 1981, 1982, 1984, and 1985. In 1989, the Dorsey High School Mock trial Team earned 2nd place in Los Angeles County and was the best team in the City of Los Angeles. As time goes by, Dorsey High School has a terrific history regarding some of its sports teams and academic teams. Throughout Dorsey’s history, there are also famous people who have helped paved the way for us.
Ranging from James Wilkes and Judge Joe Brown, to Jody Watley and Rob Kardashian. Various people from different people on different sides of the world have been part of Dorsey’s terrific history. One of the well know Dorsey alumni is superstars father, Rob Kardashian. He is the father of superstar Kim Kardashian and he is also the a O.J. Simpson attorney. Judge Joe Brown was also a student at Dorsey. He walked though the he same hallways that we passed though, and gained a sense of knowledge through his stay at Dorsey. James Wilkes, former UCLA and Chicago bulls basketball player was once a student of Dorsey’s. Throughout their high school years, I’m pretty sure they had the same mindset and issues as us, but clearly, that did not stop them from making something of themselves.
Regardless of your race, gender, background, and social class, Dorsey is a school with such outstanding history and a bright future. Regardless of the community chatter, it’s not always about what is on the outside. Dorsey High school has some of the best and brightest students in all of Los Angeles unified school district. Dorsey’s history pretty much speaks for itself. It already captured lots of the successful alumni, focuses on sports, and now it teaching students on how to respectful. So regardless of the reputation of Dorsey High School, there is more to Dorsey that meets the eye. I am very proud to be, and stay a Dorsey Don until the day I graduate.

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