History Of Garments Industry In Bd

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History of Garments Industry in Bangladesh
Arif Hasan

April 1


Department of Management University of Dhaka

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75.65%i export income is coming from this. 145 countries are purchasing garments ‘Made Bangladesh’ more our product.ii Story of garment industry Bangladesh is of a than knit from in & 120 woven

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very short one though once upon a time we were famous for producing different kinds of

exclusive work like Moslin & Jamdani cloth. In that time our country was a good hub for the royal figures luxurious garments goods. Various recent accidents & recent claims by the workers to understand workers basic right has added the most significant episode of the story. It is one of the most progressing archetypal LDCs, which is following the same track way for advancement since last 2decade. Blessed by the MFA (Multi Fiber Agreement) its garment industry started its journey from domestic to international market. Fruitful assistance by the foreign partner’s entrepreneurs grabbed the opportunity horses & still driving it to the fullest. It is a matter of great regret that it is not getting assistance in proportion to its contribution so; this sector deserves more concentration & support by government for further advancement.

Pre-liberation period
After the World War II (1939-1945) the total industrial sector of Europe & North America was totally broken. Developed countries like Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union (Present Russia), the United States, China, Germany, Italy, Romania, Austria and Japan were engaged in that war. Total loss of life was in that time was nearly 25 million (armed forces) & 55 million (Civilian). As a result of that there was a huge demand for skilled labor in the war broke out countries. Labor forces of Europe became highly organized by forming union & they asked for a higher rate of facilities (salary & other employee services like transportation, housing, medical allowance). That means higher cost of production for the producer. Finding no way to reduce the cost retailer started to search for cheaper source of production. South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan Asian developing economies of that time represent them as a good outsourcing option for the European producer because they were able to produce quality products at a very cheap rate with a highly disciplined & non-unionized labor. Moreover they had very much outsourcing friendly open economic policies. A very small garment unit called Reaz Garments (1960) was the pioneer of garments industry in Bangladesh. It was a tailoring outfit store in Dhaka city which served domestic market of Bangladesh for a long 15 years. Boishakhi Garments, Paris Garments & Jewel Garments were established on the following years.

Post-liberation period
In 1974 MFA (Multi Fiber Agreement) was made. According to this agreement developed countries was able to impose an export quota over the countries that export more than the bilateral agreement. That agreement became a problem for the exporting countries. To get rid of this problem they searched for...

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