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History Of Medical Drugs Essay

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By the twentieth century, numerous vaccines for deadly diseases have been discovered and used periodically. Antiseptic procedures are one of them, but those vaccines were only meant to prevent diseases, not to actually cure it. Virtually, doctors wouldn't be able to do anything if someone is afflicted with a disease. In a conclusion, deadly diseases are incurable. However, history reached a point where humans can actually cure the lethal diseases and one of the cure are antibiotics that are constantly used today. More than hundred of these drugs are available and the miracle man who first developed them is Paul Ehrlich, a German scientist.
Paul Ehrlich was a renowned scientist as he ...view middle of the document...

The treatment but was sometimes noxious, which killed few people. Yet, Ehrlich saved more lives than he killed so people wouldn't be able to criticize him.
As the first treatment appeared, the first antibiotic was also developed. A scientist named Rene Dubos, which was changing of events of humanity. Dubos met Oswald Avery and Avery wanted Dubos find a microbe that digested polysaccharide capsule in pneumoccus, which caused a lethal pneumonia. He experimented a sample of marshland soils' microbes on the pneumoccus and he found a microorganism that devoured the polysaccharide. He named it Cranberry Bog Bacillus (CBB). This chemical was named antibiotics by Selman Waksman. However, their discovery ended up as a great disappointment since Gerhard Johannes Domagk's prontosil was more effective and safer than their chemical. Another disappointment came when Dubos discovered a new bacterium called Bacillus Brevis that killed gram-positive bacteria including pneumoccus, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus, but it was a fatal substance to the host organism. Nevertheless, Dubos' work still inspired other scientists to discover newer antibiotics.
Dubos' rival Domagk was another great scientist of the world. Domagk's experience in field hospitals in wars showed him a horror of infections, which included strep and straph infection from injuries. This inspired him to work to find treatments. Domagk began to work for Bayer Company of I.G. Farbenindustrie, a company that discovered newer and better products including aspirin. Domagk focused on Streptococcus and in 1932, he found a chemical that helped cure and destroy the bacteria. This work saved thousands of people and even son of U.S. president! He named the chemical Prontosil which was a member of sulfonamides, a group of compounds distinguished by their ring structure and sulfur atom attached to the ring (Zimmerman 2003). This drug was marketed successfully and it became one of the first wondrous drugs.

Another great scientist named Alexander Fleming discovered a cure from staph germ called penicillin by an accident. Fleming accidently discovered it as he acted habitually and this led to a discovery of Penicillium, a mold commonly found on spoiling bread and fruit (Zimmerman, 2003). Its effects were so great that it also replaced salvarsan for the treatment of syphilis. However, the this penicillin was no so hardy, which it quickly loses its ability to destroy bacteria. After few years, a scientist named Howard Florey was able to fix this problem by using a technique called lyophilization which was same as freeze-drying. This allowed the drug to be more stable and active than Fleming's penicillin. The effects of penicillin was immense. Even though the first attempts ended in a failure, penicillin actually saved many soldiers' lives as well as extending people's lives.
A different scientists named Zolman Abraham Waksman as mentioned earlier developed Streptomycin that was efficient against...

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