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HIST B323, Lesson 1, Identifications

1. The Bund was a Jewish socialist party. Founded in 1897, the party strived to become an equal part of Russian society. That is to say the Jews would maintain their culture through the use of the Yiddish language and literature. All the while seeing the masses as equal with other nationalities.
2. Wilhelm Marr lived in Germany, was German agitator and theorist, who apparently coined the term “anti-Semitism” as a euphemism for “Jew-hate”. This came to be some time around 1878 or 1879. Mr. Marr, an out of work journalist, blamed the Jews for his plight. Mr. Marr was a major link in the evolving chain of German racism that erupted into ...view middle of the document...

Perhaps the language was meant to begin desensitizing the German people to the inevitable plight that was to be brought upon the Jewish people.
Also noted in the petition, in so many words, was that the Jewish people were supreme capitalists. Managing to make the most from their surroundings, they apparently did well. It was also obvious in the petition that this financial independence could not be allowed to continue.
Adolf Stocker, a conservative preacher, led the way for the petition. The fact that the government had no reaction to the petition astonishes the mind especially when one considers the actual content of the petition. Perhaps even more disconcerting was that nearly a quarter of a million German people signed this petition which called for a movement that would, at the very least, make all Jewish people second-class citizens. The petition referred to controlling the Jewish people as though they were some type of infestation among the population. The petition meant to remove all Jewish people from any position of influence. From high political office to schoolteachers, it was obvious that tens of thousands of the German people thought there needed to be major controls placed on the Jewish population. Of course the people that signed that petition in 1880 had no way of knowing the absolute human carnage that awaited the Jewish people in the future. However, one has to wonder, would they have signed it anyway? Was the detestation of the Jewish people already irrevocable?
HIST B323, Lesson 1, Historical Essay, Question 1.

Although the term “anti-Semitism” is relatively modern, violence against the Jewish people goes all the way back to the 5th century B.C.E. The Book of Esther (Hebrew Bible) recounts a story of all Jews in the Persian kingdom that were to be put to death simply because one Jewish official refused to bow to an aid of the king. The pleading intervention of the queen, who happened to be Jewish herself, was all that saved the Jewish people from being slaughtered.
Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew. He kept the Law of Moses; spoke both Hebrew and Aramaic, which were the languages of his people at that time in history. Jesus preached about the kingdom of God. Helping the sick and forgiving the wicked, he came to have a huge following. In fact, he was believed to be the Messiah by many Jews at the time. For a long time after Jesus’ death many of the Jews that believed him the Messiah prayed and worshiped along side their mainstream brethrens. However, this was not to last. A number of religious and political events would unfold in the latter half of the first century that would drive apart the Jews that believed Jesus,...

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