History Of Warfare Essay

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Edward LeBar
November 25th, 2009
HIST 017
Prof: Dan Hambly
History of Warfare: Essay Assignment

The two key individual advancements of weaponry in warfare that I believe were most relevant to the change in warfare tactics were the Spears used by the Ancient Greek and Macedonian Phalanx (300 B.C.E) and the Long Bow used by the British (1300-1500 AD). Each of these weapons made a huge impact in warfare upon being developed and changed the course of history of their armies who wielded these weapons of excellence. Each weapon was wielded by soldiers slaying millions of people during many glorious historical battles still taught to students around the globe today about their importance to ...view middle of the document...

Later on the spear was further developed by the Macedonians developing these pikes that were very long spears, about twenty feet long in order to impale their enemies from a greater distance than the standard spear and having an advantage over the Greek Phalanx. The Pikes were a copycat of the Ancient Greek Spear but were made almost twice the length, an armor piercing arrowhead and used in a similar formation. When the Macedonians developed these spears they also developed new tactics to use these spears effectively during a heated battle to prevent the breakage of the Macedonian Phalanx ranks. In the Macedonian Phalanx the Soldiers wore very little armor and only had three feet diameter to move around with a twenty foot spear side by side other soldiers in many ranks of the Phalanx (Parker 2009). The Macedonian Phalanx proved to be a organized force with their longer spear having a greater advantage than the Greeks which ultimately ending with the Macedonians to be the victors. Overall the Spear had quite the history in warfare while it was altered many times with improvements, and proved to be an ultimate weapon of its time.
The Long Bow was an impeccable weapon that was developed in the early ages which was eventually mastered by the British who wield this weapon and proved its superiority over other weapons during that period of time. The British took great interest in the longbow which led to the development of the long bow in hopes of creating a weapon to launch arrows at high velocity at their enemies from great distances and have amazing accuracy in hopes of weakening their opponents before engaging in battle, having bombarded their enemies with a massive amount of arrows. On the contrary, the longbow appears to have been on the British back doorstep for nearly 250 years before Crécy (I.B. Holley Jr., 2004). The Long Bow was made of many materials such as wood would be either Oak or Yew, and the Bow String would be made up of silk or hemp to make a sturdy string. The Bow would be made of a piece of wood that was bent backwards and held in place by the bow string to give the ultimate resistance. The bow was made this way to give a lot of pressure behind each shot to achieve maximum velocity for greater distance in each shot. The Longbow was well known for the level of accuracy this weapon possessed to be able to hit an opponent from 250 yards away whether the target was moving or not. The British Long Bow first appeared in the Battle of Crecy where the French Norman invaders met with the British forces at the town of Crecy where one of the most famous battles of the Hundred Years War began. The battle of Crecy started off with the Norman’s invading Crecy where the British forces were massively outnumbered by the Normans. The British had to form a good strategy to overcome this massive Norman army to weaken the Norman army before the two army’s swords were engaged. The British thought...

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