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History Of Western Civ 2 1600's Essay

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After the death of Louie the 13th in 1643 and Richelieu, Louie the 14th came to power. Louie the 14th was only 5 years old. The French nobles had seen an opportunity to seize the monarchy. Maria would be ruling in his place. She couldn’t officially rule because she was a woman, and at the time women were not allowed to rule. Cardinal Mazarin would be an adviser to Louie and went so far as to refer to him as his son. In 1649 the Nobles had started to revolt. They had one goal, to destroy the monarchy. Around 1649 the revolt would begin and it would be known as the Fronde Revolt. The nobles would break into the loyal palace is Paris as ways of claiming dominance. Mazarin had escaped ...view middle of the document...

He also wants to end the 100 years war with the Spaniards to help the economy and give more resources to Louie the 14th. In 1661 after a brilliant career, Mazarin takes the dirt nap. In 1661 Louis the 14th is now crowned King of France. Louie inherits a strong state. Louie the 14th is also a very patient and devious man and always wanted to appear as a great guy. The goal of Louis the 14th is to expand France to natural boundaries.
He wants to expand Pyrenees and want to expand to Rhine. He would also end up expanding up to the Alps. Louie the 14th would never replace Mazarin and expand 4 different ways. They would always try and use diplomacy. When diplomacy failed, the law would be used. Louie would isolate Spain through military alliances. In 1661-1662 Louie the 14th claims territory which would be the Spanish Netherlands, Spanish government failed to give Dowry. The dowry would have allowed for Maria to take over. Louie doesnt attack after it was paid. Louie finds the Law of Devolution. He doesnt invade after the law of Devolution. The law of Devolution would have gave Louie all the power he wanted, a centralized power of sorts. He would create military alliances to isolate Spain.
By November 1662 Louis the 14th invades Spanish Netherlands. The French send 150,000 and Louie takes the Spanish to the Netherlands in less than a year. In 1664 Louis invades the Fran Compte. Its a gateway into the empire. All of Louie’s allies turn against him because they believe he is breaking the balances of power among different countries. In 1669 Louie ends the Spanish War. Louie gives back the entire Spanish Netherlands, gave literally everything back. He tries to appear as a great guy. Louie gets the Dutch barrier forts and destroys the Fran Competes defenses. He will now be looking at the Dutch Netherlands.
There were three reasons why Louie the 14th hated the Dutch. He had been jealous of the Dutch’s wealth. He was quoted, “if the wealth of the world could be placed upon 20,000 ships the Dutch would own 18,000 of them”. He hates their government and the Dutch have a Republican form of Government. He says, “the dutch republic is nothing more than a thousand petty tyrants”. Reason number three, personal attacks against Louie. Every year the Dutch would send Louie a giant gold medallion. The Gold medallion shows the Dutch wealth. They mock Louie. From 1669 to 1672 Louie the 14th would make alliances to isolate the Dutch.
In 1676 Louis the 14th is starting to feel the pressure of war. Louie attacks 3 years after the medallion, he makes alliances with others, surrounds Dutch, starts war in 1672 and in 1672 with 200,000 men Louie the 14th invades the Spanish Netherlands, takes the land in 3 months. By 1674 the French have Amsterdam surrounded. The Dutch lack a military, in the middle of a revolution which weakens them. William would become the new king. In 1676 he would also invade the Franc Compte. He finds himself alone because of the balance of power...

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