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Thomas Jefferson used the ideas of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to frame colonist’s rights. The Declaration of Independence is a document in which gave freedom and liberties to people who lived in the American colonies. Many American colonists were unhappy with the British because of how they were treating them and therefore sought for equality and rights. However, some colonists had different views toward the American independence movement. Yet, the outcome changed America forever.
American colonies felt that Britain was trying to take away their rights and liberties by enforcing new laws and imposing taxes upon them. The British established the Sugar Act, ...view middle of the document...

This increased the hatred toward the king of England and increased the want for freedom and independence as a country.
People started to bring awareness to the discrepancy of the King. Thomas Paine, who wrote “Common Sense” expressed that “membership in the British Empire was a burden to the colonies, not a benefit”(TEXT). The People who believed that America should be independent where called the patriots. These people did all that they could to show that they wanted to become independent from the British government and gain rights. These views led to Thomas Jefferson writing the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence stated grievances that were directed toward King George III and how he shouldn’t impose taxes without consent from the governed. It also stated that American colonists shouldn’t Quarter British troops because it’s a violation of privacy and rights. This document called for basic rights and gave excitement to most American colonists who were striving for the concept of liberty. However, not every American colonist felt that Americans should fight for independence; some were still loyal to England. These people were...

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