Hitler, World War Ii, And The Bomb

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While the growing danger of war became apparent, so did a rising desire for noninvolvement by Americans. Little did we know the neutrality acts that Congress would soon pass in favor of isolationism would play directly into Hitler's hands. Hitler could now proceed with his overtaking of specific territories without worrying about America's interference. He began by seizing Austria, demanding the Sudetenland, and finally breaking his promises at Munich by taking nearly all of Czechoslovakia. Roosevelt attempted to revise his neutrality acts to give assistance to England and France. As Congress refused, Hitler began World War II by invading Poland. Americans soon came to realize that they ...view middle of the document...

The Japanese seemed unable to be defeated, and a bloody battle with them seemed imminent. Throughout the war, the race between the Allies and Germany to create an atomic bomb had been of great importance. Roosevelt soon formed a strategy, the result: the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan project was a plan devised for the U.S. to be the first to develop the atomic bomb. Though the Allies were the first to create the bombs, they were not put into use against Hitler, mainly because the unconditional surrender of Germany was accepted more than two months before the bomb was completed. But on June 30th of 1945, President Truman approved the dropping of the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of HiroshimaIt was necessary to drop the bomb. The US had been fighting the war since 1941. Morale and resources were low but each side continued to fight, and both were determined to win. The goal of this mission: to bring the war to a quick end with a minimum number of casualties. If the atomic bombs had not been used, the war would have continued and US forces would have had to invade the island of Japan. Americans would not only have had to fight the Japanese military, they would have had to fight the civilians as well. The Japanese government had been equipping the commoners with any kind of weapon they could obtain. The number of deaths that would occur would have been much greater than that of the atomic bomb. The only way to make Japan fully surrender would take an extreme measure; and the atomic bomb was the ideal answer.The executive order 9066 was the plan...

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