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Hoffman Trucking Essay

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Running head: Huffman Trucking Company Service Request, SR-HT-001

Huffman Trucking Company Service Request, SR-HT-001
University of Phoenix

Security/risks with Benefits Elections Systems
The purpose of this information is to address the possible security requirements and the possible risks associated with the Benefits ...view middle of the document...

From inefficient company procedures, security policies to the lack of firewall implementation, data encryption, user permissions and out dated technology. Huffman Trucking has four different locations with antiquated networks. They are running old versions of Windows and using outdated means of communication. The California location is using a Bus network topology. The office internet connection is through AOL and the plant is using a frame relay connection. They are running Windows 98 with CAT 3 cabling. The California office has a 28.8 modem, PBX telephone system with no voice mail or call waiting and a standalone web server. Each of these facilities uses the internet, which has evolved. Many new features that provide interactivity and change while viewing web pages. These features provide an entirely new look and feel to the internet; however, they also provide hackers with new methods of invading company networks.
Security measures must be implemented to ensure no security holes breach Huffman Trucking’s systems, especially while using the Benefits Elections Systems. Upgrading Huffman’s current network, data, and internet security in their four facilities will provide them with the highest security measures to prevent drifting in a perilous sea of hackers, viruses, malware, spyware, threats from its employees and countless potential disasters with no plan to deal with the eventuality of encountering one of these threats. Hardware, OS platforms, applications, users and physical facilities must be protected, monitored and tested so that risks can be avoided.

Safeguards to Protecting Data
The Federal Trade Commission has imposed a rule for businesses called The Safeguards Rule which requires companies to assess and address the risks to customer information in all areas of their operation, including three areas that are particularly important to information security: Employee Management and Training; Information Systems; and Detecting and Managing System Failures. One of the early steps companies should take is to determine what information they are collecting and storing, and if they have a business need to do so. Huffman Trucking can reduce the risks to customer information, if it knows what information to keep and what information to dispose of.
In compliance with the Security Requirements Imposed by Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, FFIEC, the Sarbanes-Oxley and generally accepted industry best practices, Huffman Trucking provides for the security and privacy of the data stored on, redirected through, or processed by its technology resources. Huffman Trucking encourages the use of these technology resources; however, they remain the property of and are offered on a privilege basis only. Huffman Trucking can impose safeguards to protect its data by taking steps as in the examples below:
* Checking references or doing background checks before hiring...

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