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Hoi Hoi Hoi Paper Time

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Free Response Questions
Austin Howe
Pd. 7
1: (C):
Two factors that might have accounted for the rapid decline in the mortality rate in Idustria between 1855 and 1895 consist of hygenic improvements and and a potential improvement in water supply. Personal hygeine, a notion imposed by what could have been a slight improvement in medical education, likely reduced the deaths via disease, whereas water supply to all denizens could have reduced dehydration sickness and improved the overal morale of the public as well as their personal health. 1855 through 1950's birth rate grew from exponential in stature to diminished gradually due to the educational opportunities provided to women at the time. Contraceptive methods were relatively devoid at the time ...view middle of the document...

So in a sense, it was as if AIDS opened a window for other diseases to be let in, which would then cause a small spike in the mortality rate in the 1980's.

2: (C):
It is many times more efficient to produce grain for anthropogenic needs than it is to produce meat for human consumption due to the fact that that meat isn't as easy to produce as grain is, which can be amplified into mass-consumption, whereas cattle and other organisms subjected to consumption may overgraze. Grain also provides more energy, as it is a primary producer in a trophic system and contains the most energy, whereas meat varies and provides much less energy due to it being lower on the trophic level.
Environmental consequences of the increase in the production of meat for human conception consist of pollution and a global warming effects. By subjugating cattle for anthropogenic means, one may find themselves with an overabundence of animal waste on their land, either through blood or feces, which may run off into the water and result in the death of many marine organisms. Similarly, global warming is a definite affliction of meat consumption due to the fact that livestock may produce an overabundance of methane, which in turn aids the rise of global warming's threat by allowing such an amount to pervade the atmosphere with impunity all due to a desire to overcosume an amassed portion of meat.
Potential advantages and disadvantages of a miniscule intake of meat in one's diet may consist of a reduced risk to disease and a potential protein deficiency respectively. By not consuming a ton of meat, one reduces their risk to heart disease and other plague due to the fact that they do not open themselves up to meat-borne diseases such as mad cow disease or diseases indigenous to paultry diets. However, by not consuming much meat without any supplement for protein in one's diet, they may find themselves with a deficiency of protein in their body, which may come to reduce future muscle mass.

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