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‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar is an exciting and suspenseful teenage, fiction novel. It deserves to win this year CBA Book of the Year Award for Older Readers. The remarkable author has created a complicated plot, well developed characters. The setting is desolate, the style is effective and the themes are easy to understand. This book is appealing to the targeted readers (teenagers) because of the way it captures your imagination.

The main characters are believable and well portrayed. They have convincing strengths and weakness and they are ones that the audience can understand and relate to. The characters are effective because of their human ...view middle of the document...

The audience can understand and relate to these convincing, realistic situations, and experiences. The way he experiences digging a five by five foot hole everyday in the parched landscape, on a lake that has been dried for more than 100 years appeals to the reader as a form of torture.
Stanley learns and changes as a result of his experiences at Camp Green Lake. He learns that not everyone is as lucky as him to have a caring and loving family, who will always be there for him.

Katherine Barlow is a unique and effective character who is entertaining to the reader. The author has crafted her to be a hero and a villain. After Sam is killed she becomes one of the most feared outlaws in all of the West. Her actions outline the plot and have a big impact on most of the other characters.

All the characters are interesting and exciting to read about. The author has constructed binary opposites like Zero and Mr. Pendanski, Trout Walker and Katherine Barlow. Even the setting is also a character in its own self. Because of the conflict between the different settings and characters this book is more suspenseful to read. This thrilling novel is worthy of the CBA award.

The three complicated, linked plots provide the novel with an unpredictable, engrossing plot which is exciting, and suitable for the targeted readers. The main plot is based on Stanley Yelnats the third and Green Lake as a scorched desert where no rain has fallen for over one hundred and ten years. The other two subplots are cleverly written about Stanley’s great, great grandfather and Zero’s great, great grandmother, and Katherine Barlow, Sam, the onion man and Stanley Yelnats the first. The subplots inform the reader on how Green Lake became a dead, isolated, wasteland. Green Lake wasn’t always a dry, arid, oppressive desert. It used to be a luscious landscape with one of largest lakes in it. The complications in the novel add suspense and make the audience more involved in the book. The symbols (like yellow-spotted lizards, sploosh) and the settings in the novel connect all the plots. The conclusion of the book ties up the loose ends in the story and is satisfying. ‘The Attorney General closed Camp Green Lake. Ms.Walker, who was in desperate need of money, had to sell the land which had been in her family for generations,’ (Sachar, 2000, p229). This novel is perfect for the award.

Sachar has made the three settings linked with the characters, symbols and the plot in a believable, captivating approach. When reading the novel the audience can feel they’re in the different settings with the characters experiencing the situations they are going through. The settings are so...

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