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Using these four passages and your own knowledge assess the view that the holocaust was mainly the result of a long term plan by Hitler to eliminate the Jews
Source A and B believe more that the holocaust was a short term plan that slowly developed due to the outbreak of the war and the general belief of cleansing of the population. Whereas source C and D believe that the holocaust was a long term plan by Hitler and that his mood or any other factor did not play a part in the mass genocide of the Jewish population in Germany and Europe and his main aim throughout the war was to look for a ‘final solution’.
Source A talks about how late any action against the Jews, the source is ...view middle of the document...

Source B states that the general belief at the time by a lot of people including non-fascists was to get rid of asocial alien groups which included Jews, Homosexuals, Blacks, Gypsies, a lot of people also believed in Racial purification. This had been tried throughout history including in parts of America where Native Americans (Indians) were involved in mass genocide to cleanse the population. This is method used to make the population more pure (the Aryan race). This meant that Hitler generally had an easy job in turning the German people against the Jews as the German people already had been putting pressure on the idea of getting rid of these asocial groups. This could be the reason Hitler introduced these death camps which would imply the holocaust was a short term plan encouraged by the German people. This is also reinforced by this point ‘surely more dangerous was the ostensibly mild racism which moved to advocating the eradication of these of inferior value’ this is backing up the point about the population being anti-certain asocial groups which proves the mild racism shared throughout the population of Germany.
Source C argues a much different point to source A and B as It believes the holocaust was a long term plan by Hitler not a short term plan. The source says that eliminating all the Jews in Germany and Europe had always been hitters plan but it would have been very unrealistic if he expected to be able to eliminate all the Jews as soon as he got to power; it was not going to be simple. This why a lot of historians do believe it was a short term plan because he did not start the extermination of Jews as soon as he got to power. But that is a very unrealistic view by a lot of Historian, if someone came into power and introduce death camps straightaway he would of lost a lot of support from the German people as they had not been indoctrinated enough to let such a horrific event happen. He had to create a hatred for these less than human people which would take some time and once he gained support and indoctrinated the majority of the German people he could put his long term plan of the holocaust into action.
At the start of the source the historian describes the Nazi’s attentions as ‘clear and constant’ this backs up the holocaust being a long term plan as the Nazi’s had made it clear what they attended to do when they go to power. Generally far right fascist parties have racist policies against race’s even all races bar there’s. So it would make sense that the Nazi had intended to get rid of a race through mass genocide and should have come as no surprise. But not everything goes to plan so some long term goals had to turn to short term goals for Hitler’s overall plan to come into to place. A lot of historians also believed that the holocaust only started due to Hitler’s mood meaning the holocaust...

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