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Home Depots Bumpy Road To Equality

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Abu Dhabi Education Council Bedaa Al Mutwaa School
Grade 8 science

choose the correct answer?.

1-Which is the largest organ in the human body? |
  | | liver |
| heart |
| brain |
| skin |
| |
| | |

| | |
| 2- | The skin contains special sensory nerve endings which respond to different types of stimuli. Which of the following stimuli does the skin not have special sensory nerve endings for? |
  | | pressure |
| pain |
| sound |
| temperature |
| |
| | |

3- Which of the following is part of the central nervous system (CNS)? |
  | | spinal cord |
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s(2) science

1- The sketches shown represent people suffering from chickenpox, mumps, the common cold and influenza. Which of the following correctly matches the sketches to the relevant diseases?

2- Complete the labelling of the diagram which shows a typical neuron.
For each item below, use the pull-down menu to select the letter that labels the correct part of the image. |
a thread which carries information towards the cell | | |
controls the activities of the cell | | |
a thread which carries information away from the cell | | |
a white, fatty insulating substance | | |
cytoplasm | | |
cell membrane | | |
| |
| |

Abu Dhabi Education Council Bedaa Al Mutwaa School
Grade 8 w.s(3) science

Match each term to a relevant description.
Using the pull-down menus, match each item in the left column to the corresponding item in the right column. |
| | |
| an organism living in or on another organism and using it for food and shelter |
| a disease that can be passed from one organism to another |
| the signs of a disease |
| an organism that has a parasite living in or on it |
| a measure of the disease-causing capabilities of an agent |
| something that causes disease |
| |
symptoms | | | | | |
| | |
agent | | | | | |
| | |
host | | | | | |
| | |
parasite | | | | | |
| | |
virulence | | | | | |
| | |
infectious | | | | | |

Match each term to a relevant description. Using the pull-down menus, match each item in the left column to the corresponding item in the right column. |
| | |
| immunity acquired as a result of injection of a vaccine containing live micro-organisms |
| drugs produced to treat certain diseases |
| a chemical produced by the human body in response to the presence of a foreign...

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