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Home Linking Technology Essay

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Sergio Estrada
Strategies for the Technical Professional
Home Linking Technology
The convenience of technology at home
Technology has made home appliances conveniently smarter, you now could program your alarm clock to get your coffeemaker to start brewing before you even get out from bed (Smith, E. 2000.). Several companies are looking for ways to completely rewire your household, allowing you to control numerous electric appliances from a central point in your home. Do you wonder in what other ways technology could make our life efficiently easier? It’s amazing where technology has taken us, and the invasion of technology to our home ...view middle of the document...

Samsung showed off a prototype of its Intelligent Microwave, which is designed to read the bar codes on food packages and hook up to an Internet Web site where it can download the cooking instructions. The microwave will then automatically cook the food according to the instructions. . Thalia, is a company owned by Sunbeam, introduced its Home Linking Technology, which it uses electrical wiring in the house and in some cases, radio frequencies to connect appliances. The products at the show included an alarm clock that will indicate the coffeemaker to start brewing 10 minutes before its set to go off. While you sleep, the clock can connect up to the Internet, download the weather forecast and display it on a screen. The screen also will alerts you about problems big or small, such as which smoke detector in the house is sounding an alarm or whether you forgot to put water to the coffeemaker. Even after a power outage, the device finds out the correct time from the Internet and resets all the linked appliances.
You see a fashion toward gadgets and appliances that make a homeowners life easier, but you have to make sure the appliance you're purchasing are easy to use and not complicated to control. The industry is still looking for a way to seamlessly integrate online connectivity into the mother of all appliances, the refrigerator. I could see in the future how a home could be run by a touch of a button. Soon we will be linked up in an unnecessary ways but technology is here to make our lives easier and convenient.

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