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Home: What Is It To You?

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Home: What is it to You?
Home. A simple word spoken by many every day. Home. A place to some, a state of mind to others. Home. Somewhere that many are running to, and even more are running from. Home. What is it, and where can it be found? Home. It lies within us all, but sometimes is very hard to find. Home. A place sometimes hard to remember, and often difficult to forget. Home.
Webster’s defines home as one’s place of residence. This seems to be a very simple definition of something that is seemingly much more complex. It seems that many have a hard time describing home and an even more difficult time defining it. The world has many quotes about home, some positive such ...view middle of the document...

But are both of these emotions not equally important in the remembrance of home? Memories of home often bring forth a smile; often they bring a tear, sometimes a feeling of regret, and others a sense of calmness and caring. McDowell does a wonderful job in showing us, the reader, that home can be one thing and everything all at once.
Home can be a destination, or a departure point. Many leave home, but seemingly try to take home with them. We see this with McDowell as she leaves for Indiana. She is thrilled to be leaving, and yet as it approaches the luster of leaving seems to fade and in the end she packs basically as much of home as she can take to go with her on her next step in life. She tells the story of many in this depiction of her life, as many have felt the pull of home as it becomes time to leave it behind. Of course, home also has a tendency of asking for your return. In McDowell’s case, this became an all too familiar call. Home will ask you to return, and sometimes it is for very positive reasons, unfortunately, more often than naught, it is for the same reasons that McDowell had to return. Returning home because of death is something an individual does not want to do, but has to do. And although a negative reason for returning home,...

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