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Homework or not
Dear Mrs. Key,
As I sat down the other day on my pink soft computer chair, I took my binder out of my turquoise book bag. When I started flipping pages, I went to do my math homework. When I was about to finish, my brother barge in my room and said, “Can you help me, I just got back from soccer practice and was wondering if you could help me write my definitions on index cards?” “Why should I help you,” I said. My brother, then mention,” Please the teachers gave me so much homework I don’t even know why they even give us homework it takes up too much time.” Even though some people, like my brother say doing homework should not be handed out because it takes up too much time for after school activities, I think it should because of the practice we get and the review time that will be gain. In a study done at Luella Middle school, in Locust Grove Georgia, students who maintain an ...view middle of the document...

” If, practicing did not convince you that we should have homework maybe this will. Last week when I was doing my homework, which was a math study guide, I was struggling when doing some math problems. I was putting my thinking cap on when suddenly I taught I should go look at the previously done homework I’ve done. Without the help of my homework I would not have be able to finished filling out my study guide and reviewing for my test. When your using your homework as review its better than using your notes. When you use your notes you only have one or two examples but on your homework you have multiple problems to look back on. Also, when the study was taken at Luella Middle School, we asked the student show the homework helps them. One of the responses, that was repeatedly mention, that caught our attention said,” When I do my homework it helps me when it gets time to reviewing and studying for our test.” It is like we mention before with homework you’re able to review. It is just like how Mr. Butler, our principle says,” Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work no one finishes anything. The prize won’t be sent to you. You have to win it.” This reminds us that with homework and having enough ambition a grand prize will be for you and when you’ve done all that is ask from you. Some people say we should not have homework because it takes up too much time after school activities. Even though this is true, you have to take in consideration that, you choose to do the sport, so you have to find the way to balance your life. It’s obligatory to do a sport it’s not a requirement. You have to think about when you can do the work even if it’s before you leave to school, or on your way to school. Homework is the key to success in school and anywhere else. When you do your homework you’re helping yourself by practicing and studying. If you were to observe a group of students you could practically tell who does their homework. With that little information you know that those students make phenomenal grade. Wouldn’t you like your student to have the opportunity to appreciate the benefits of having homework?

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