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Homelessness started as far as the 1930’s when the stock market crashed causing “The Great Depression”. During this time people lost jobs and their homes. People were devastated at the fact that that they were forced to sell their belongings. Later on in the years homelessness began to increase after the war because the vets couldn’t find jobs and were forced to live on the street because no one would hire them. The reason that there are so many people homeless is because the economy. People can’t find jobs so they have to sell their home and downgrade to a smaller home or apartment. Often there are times when families are broken up because the husband ...view middle of the document...

Data collected from the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the annual rate of unemployment rates in 2010 was 9.6%, the highest rate was in 1983. In addition to not having a job or losing your job, low income among those who work also can affect the ability to maintain and afford housing. In the 2010 analysis of ACS it states that workers who work at least 27 weeks out of the year earn only 20% of the national average for all workers. People who lose their home to foreclosure at least risk of becoming immediately homeless. When have to foreclose on their home they are sometimes forced to sell most or all of their belongs to be able to afford the next home that they want to live in sometimes the things that they have are not enough and they are then forced to live with family members or on the streets.
Not having a job can play a major part in someone becoming homeless because without a job or the fact that you were fired from your job can cause you to have to find other means of income. When you can’t find the income that you need to pay bills and other things you become discouraged and won’t be able to function and majority of people end up on homeless on the streets. Being that someone is unable to find a job they are more than likely going to have depression and the way the economy is today there is a rising in the unemployment rate because people are unable find jobs decent enough to pay for the cost of housing and living.
The loss of a job or not being able to find a job signifies the kind of economic conditions that can cause a housing crisis. The measure used to define job loss and unemployment is the number of workers in the labor force who are unemployed. Wage income is the most important resource for maintaining and paying for housing for a majority of working people. Financial resources available to working low income people for housing and other needs is an estimate of the average income earned by people in poor households. Data collected from the Census Bureau’s 2009 and 2010 ACS, which includes data on individual income, number of hours worked, and household poverty status.
When people think about the homeless they think about the over bearing aggressive, pan handling, begging, smelly bums in front of the store waiting for their next victim. It is because of this, people associate being homeless in a negative way, but that is not always the case. Over the years, the Economic base of being homeless has increased. Do to the recession; people who are consider the lower middle class workers are one foot from being homeless or they are already homeless. More people are losing their jobs and are having more difficulty getting government assistance. No one understands the seriousness of homeless people and how it drastically affects the economy. According to The National Coalition for the Homeless:
“The worsening economy and rising unemployment numbers emphasize a number of reasons why homelessness...

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