Homelessness In California Essay

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Homelessness in California
Homelessness is a condition or a state where an individual or a family does not have a home to live in. Along with that, the person is deprived of the legal and the social dimensions making him emotionally weak and in the state of isolation.
Since the year 1980s, there had been a great shock to the Americans due to the rising homelessness. This led to a burst in the studies and the rising stories related to the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act of July 1987. In this act, there was an interference allowed of the federal government into this policy of homelessness, which had created many issues. For many years after that, this issue of ...view middle of the document...

The first think which he focused on was the relation and the effect of crack cocaine on the housing demand and the consumption. It was observed that as the cost of getting high was less, and the cost was less than the other products, the substitution effect led to a fall in consumption of the other related goods such as housing. Similarly, he also made an important contribution in the theoretical model of the urban housing market. What he did was that he combined the two factors and related it with the upward trend in the inequality of income.
Similarly, (Reed et al., 1996), in the year 1980; pointed out the relation between the increase in the incidence of this issue in California with respect to the homelessness in various other parts of America. His debate surrounded various important parts of determinants of the homelessness and the indirect evidence of the cause. The strategic research in the upcoming years analysed that the homelessness has increased when the analysis was conducted and 10000 residents were taken as a sample. Both the metropolitan and the other area of the country were taken into consideration and the results were quite unacceptable releasing the fact that the government had not been an effective one.
The two important incidents of the research were the higher vacancy rates of the homelessness and the higher rent and poor quality of the housing (Sweeney, James, 1974).
Origin and the reasons
It has been examined that there had been too much debate about the origin of the increase in homelessness during the year 1980s. Every individual had a different perspective and none came into a consensus (Burt, Martha R, 1992). What actually done was that, the reasons were divided into two main categories. The primary and the most important one were the personal attributes and the personal reasons of the homeless people, which were the alcoholism, the cocaine addiction and most importantly the social illness leading to personality disorders. The economic issues such as the increase in rent and the decrease in the income had also been the main reason for homelessness (Cummings, Jean L., and Denise DiPasquale, 1999). The second school of thought focused on the other economic reason such as the personal attributes. None of the school of thoughts denied the fact that the accessibility of the housing to the poor had been the main reason for the increase in the homelessness (U.S. General Accounting Office).
Characteristics of the Homeless Population, Housing Markets, and Income Inequality
The rise in the homelessness in California since the year 1980s have been mainly characterised by the tendency to restrain the priority of the availability of the housing. According to (Burt and Cohen, 1989; Shlay and Rossi, 1992), homeless people are described as those who are suffering from disappointment and mental illness, drug addiction and social isolation (Bonnewit, Natalie, 1998). According to a research, most of the people who are...

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