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Hometown Deli is creating a strategic plan to grow its business in an increasingly competitive market. With many businesses offering similar dishes and similar prices, small differences can mean the difference between success and failure. After Hometown Deli evaluated its marketing plan, owners realized that they need to bolster its strengths in order to expand its customer base and remain a dominate player. Critical to the success of the business is outstanding service, quality food, skilled and personable staff, and superior business operating systems.

Hometown Deli will implement the Point of Sales for operating system to enhance productivity and track items and ...view middle of the document...

A clearly printed kitchen ticket eliminates the waste of time caused by mistaken orders. Also, having no handwriting to interpret which helps ensure the meal will be prepared correctly the first time around. A side benefit is the reduction of theft. The automated system keeps up-to-the-minute accounts of all order and food preparation, severely limiting the possibility that food maybe stolen by dishonest employees. Additionally, the POS system keeps an accurate inventory, which improves the efficiency of operating and overseeing the food ordering system.

The POS system sends each item to the kitchen as soon it is ordered. This real time sends increases throughput, allowing kitchen staff to start preparing orders efficiently and sequentially. The POS screen configures with different colors for different menu items and order destination such as to eat-in, to go, or delivery. An on-screen timer tells how long the order has been placed in the queue, and when the customer should get his meal. The order background color will automatically change the longer it is in the queue. Upon completion, a staff member can bump the order off the queue by pushing the box number of the order on the bump bar. The screen provides the summary button to generate a list summing up the total quantity of all items in the queue. It has the ability to manage pull-ahead orders in drive-thru operations, where the customer’s order will take longer than usual. The system has the progress information for staff in the kitchen to read orders off the same monitor. The POS system eliminates the chance of getting confused about their table or customer responsibilities, saving time and lowering waste.


The POS system helps ease credit cards payment. Server staffs need simply to swipe the credit card on the transaction screen, triggering the payment along with a printed receipt. The system can be configured to accept overpayment by credit card such...

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