Homework 2 Color In Frogs Essay

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Molly Mooney
Bio 110 Lab
102 Mueller
Homework #2

Section 1: Paper specific questions
1. Where does this species of frog live?
The frog Oophaga pumilio lives in La Selva, Costa Rica.

2. What is one possible reason that members of this species of frog are brightly colored?
The main reason for these frogs being brightly colored is a warning, or aposematic, sign to potential predators, telling them the frogs are poisonous.

3. What defense(s) do these frogs have against predation?
The frogs are brightly colored to deter predators, and if said predators are not deterred, they are poisonous.

4. What is cryptic coloration?
Cryptic coloration is an adaptation allowing organisms to blend in with their surroundings, making them not stand out to predators; This makes these camouflaged organisms more likely to survive than other, less well-adapted, ...view middle of the document...

Why is this research important?
This research on Oophaga pumilio is important because it is reportedly one of the few detailed studies on the subject of the frog’s aposematic colors. It gives new and detailed information about the species and it’s relationship to it’s habitat, other frogs, and predators.
2. What is the hypothesis and/or research goal of the study?
The scientists are testing whether the colors of this species of frog is an aposematic trait or not.

3. What are the major methods used? (Limit your answer to 5 sentences or fewer.)
Those who conducted the study used plastic colored frogs to act as the frogs they are studying. In 12 tracts, 10 brown and 10 red colored (acting as O. pumilio) frogs were spaced 5 meters apart, each group of 20 frogs making up 100 meters. 800 plastic models were used altogether, and randomly placed on leaf colored paper or white paper. The models were collected and examined for marks of predators after 48 hours.
4. What are the major results?
It was found that the brown frogs were attacked far more than the colored ones, suggesting that predator species had been conditioned to know that colored frogs are poisonous and should be avoided.

5. What conclusion(s) did the authors make about their hypothesis/goal?
It was concluded that the hypothesis was correct, proving that the colorful trait of Oophaga pumilio is an aposematic trait.

6. What new hypothesis/goal emerges from the results?
The study ends with several new ideas that could be made into a scientific study. For example, why there are differences in color between males and females, and why color varies between groups of O. pumilio.

7. Did you already know the background material needed to understand the research? If you wanted more background information on the topic, where would you look and which article would you read? >>>>
I’d heard before of poisonous frogs that are brightly colored to warn off predators. To find out more, I’d look up the species and read about it in an encyclopedia for background information.

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