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Homosexual Marriage Essay

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 The debate endures because both sides have the ability to create a scientific |
| |environment to support their cause.  For example, biological theorists may argue that a monkey and human child, reared in the same |
| |setting, will develop with vastly different outcomes, while social theorists may argue that monozygotic twins, one reared normally |
| |and the other raised in seclusion for 18 years, will also develop with vastly different results, but different even more from the |
| |first scenario [4]. |
| |In debating sexual orientation, much is unknown; according to Charles Darwin, "...we do not even in the least know the final cause |
| |of sexuality.  The whole subject is hidden in darkness." [2].  Although the APA currently states that sexual orientation is not a |
| |choice, rather that " emerges from most people in early adolescence with no prior sexual experience"[1], social theorists argue|
| |that an individual's upbringing can directly influence this [sexual orientation].  Also tied in with many of these debates is the |
| |morality of homosexuality.  But the purpose of this examination is not to prove whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong, but |
| |rather to establish a thorough understanding of the biological and social theories surrounding the cause of homosexuality. |
| |Let us first look at the biological debate.  Biological theorists have found substantial instances of anatomical, genetic, and |
| |endocrine evidence to support their argument. Experiments in biological research date back as far as the late 1930's, beginning with|
| |the pioneering research of Alfred Kinsey (for the University of Indiana) on human sexuality. Kinsey had two goals for his tests: 1) |
| |to find out how many adult males engaged in homosexual behavior, and 2) to suggest theories about it came to be [9].  When asked if |
| |they had engaged in homosexual sexual relations, a large percent of the population tested answered "no", however when asked if they |
| |had engaged in same-sex sexual relations, the percentage answering "yes" nearly doubled.  The experiment yielded that 30% of males |
| |had experienced at least orgasm in a homosexual act.  The results of this research became the widely popularized Kinsey Scale of |
| |Sexuality.  This scale rates all individuals on a spectrum of sexuality, ranging from 100% heterosexual to 100% homosexual, and |
| |everything in between [7].  While establishing that as many as 10% of adult males reported having sexual relations with a same-sex |
| |partner, this research did little more than to put the word homosexual into common language.   |
| |Karen Hooker executed the first psychological...

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