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Hong Kong Essay

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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Hong Kong
Ruben R. Castro
Dr. Maria Marin
Business 604
July 3, 2013

Hong Kong has been inhabited for millennia, with the early Che people settling the land early on. During the period of the Warring States in Mainland China, Yuet people immigrated from the north and forcibly assimilated the Che people. During the time of the Qin Dynasty Hong Kong was made a part of unified Imperial China.
Throughout the Han Dynasty in the 10th century the region grew in economic importance as a result of the local pearl industry. When the Mongols invaded China, Hong Kong saw a large influx of refugees from Mainland China, creating a population boom and ...view middle of the document...

In 1997, sovereignty over Hong Kong was transferred from the British to China (Gentle, 2013).
Hong Kong has a multicultural population with Chinese, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Hindus, each with their own set of beliefs and philosophy. The Chinese have three primary religions, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism, each with separate teachings and proverbs that have made their way into belief systems throughout their long histories. Ancestral worship plays an important role in Hong Kong society. The Chinese people believe that a person has two souls. The first soul is created during conception and continues to stay in the grave with the corpse when the person dies.
Buddhism is a religion developed by Siddhartha Gotama, who was born in Lumbini, in modern-day Nepal. After living a life of privilege, then giving it up for a life of asceticism, Siddhartha became enlightened, or awakened, to the idea that the only way to escape suffering in life is through practicing deliberate non-attachment. Today, that initial meditation has led to the practice of Buddhism in about six percent of the world’s population. Siddhartha’s, or as he was renamed, Buddha’s awakening evolved into the teachings of the Four Noble Truths. The first truth is that life is composed of suffering, physical and mental. The second is that we have pain on earth because we are attached to the world or despise the world. The third truth is that true happiness is possible on earth, depending upon the degree to which we can detach ourselves from wanting worldly things. Finally, the fourth truth is that the Noble Eightfold path is the path toward achieving this detachment and thus attaining Nirvana (McRae, 1995).
Confucianism is a set of ethical beliefs, sometimes called a religion, that were developed from the teachings of the scholar Confucius, who lived in the 6th century in China. His theories and philosophy gave rise to laws based on his teachings first in China, and then later in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. All who studied and practiced this philosophy aimed at harmonious relationships that would result in greater peace in their countries. The principal concepts in Confucianism were primarily meant to apply to rulers, nobility, and scholars. It doesn’t aim toward the general populace, as does Buddhism. One of the underlying ideas is that people must be virtuous, especially rulers. Self-virtue, expressed in modesty, truthfulness, loyalty, charity, and learning, were essential requirements for all. The sum total of this social virtue is often referred to as the “Jen.” It was impossible to expect virtue in the people governed, if the governors or emperors did not display the highest virtues and did not promote the education of others to obtain these virtues. The Golden Rule is also part of this philosophy: What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others. Emphasis is placed on virtuous relationship with others and acting “right” with all. Through virtuous behavior...

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