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Hong Kong Clothing Warehouse And Delivery

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1. Current Marketing Situation

Nowadays, Hong Kong life style is rapid. The public are under great stress, social activities therefore becomes more often. You may have to attend more than one event, even more. However, sometimes you may feel that single clothing may not suitable for different occasions. Even though you can carry other clothing by us, it may make you inconvenient.

In current market, common washing store services such as dry cleaning and laundry, suede and leather cleaning, handbag cleaning, pick-up and delivery service and special stains removal service. About the pick-up and delivery service, they only help customers use the service at the same place. They cannot ...view middle of the document...

More importantly, it is necessary to establish a well-regarded brand name with respect to providing service-punctual and well-protect quality service. Finally, I must measure awareness and response so I can adjust our marketing efforts as necessary.
| |
|Opportunities |Threats |
|Increasing demand for transport and warehousing service |Increasing of interest rate |
|Cost-efficient technology |Traffic accident |

5.1.1 Strengths

1. Innovative service. The company offers a combination of transport and warehousing that would make our customers to try this service.

2. Security. The high values of warehousing system that prevent lost and damage the clothes of customer.

3. Pricing. Our service has a flexible range for customers depend on their clothes value and the location for the clothes send out.
5.1.2 Weaknesses

1. Lack of brand awareness. The company has no established brand or image, not like DHL or other laundry company so strong brand recognition. I still need to address this issue with promotion.

2. Physical limited. The customers may get a bit non-convenient. Also, inside the company, the inside transport clothes is still be a difficult problem for the staff.

5.1.3 Opportunities

1. Increasing demand for transport and warehousing service
Many people have this wants because it’s convenient. Also, this demand is increasing with the after 80’s teenagers. Also, they always get a lot activities, they have more chances to change their clothes.

2. Cost-efficient technology.
Better technology is now available at a lower cost than ever before. Thus, the company can use advanced cleaning process and transport to the customer. The system has positive environmental and health implications. Extensive implementation of the technology will save millions of tons of poisonous chemicals from being released into our fresh water supply. The elimination of chemicals on garments will drastically reduce the amount of violent reactions in allergic and chemically sensitive residents of managed healthcare and/or hospitality facilities. This is accomplished because the technology implementation results in significant chemical reduction and elimination of rinse cycles on the massive industrial sized washing machines. This results in saving enormous amounts of water, sewage capacity, gas for heating the water and electricity to run the washing machines.

3. Many people only have a need to clean clothes in laundry when the new season is coming. By the combination of transport and laundry, I can overcome the low order of package.

5.1.4 Threats

Our laundry provides washing, drying, and optional folding as the common...

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