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Hong Kong Housing Problems And Solutions

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Hong Kong Housing Problems and Solutions

Name: Liu Chun Hing Student Number: 201111028H Group: 5




Problem Discussion ------------------------------------------------------p.3-p.4

Plan (Improvement of Housing Policy)--------------------------------------p.4-p.5

Plan (Regulation of Property Developers)----------------------------------------p.5

Conclusion ----------------------------------------------------------------------p.6



In recent years, Hong Kong citizen are ...view middle of the document...

Thirdly, the own problems of the businessmen can also lead to the high property prices problem. The developers control the hosing supplies of the market and create a


market illusion. When the demand higher then supply, they would sell the properties immediately to earn more money. The develops also sell “inflated buildings” to cheat housing buyers, like exaggerating the size of flats which also push up the high property prices.

3. Plan (How to solve the problem)

Improvement of Housing Policy

The government plays an important role in providing housing to the general public. I reckon it is necessary to re-establish HOS to deal with the problem of high property prices now and people not need to buy expensive private housing. The government HOS in the first year , which will provide 10,000 flats and then adjust the quantities of HOS depending on the supply of private property market. In fact, I think that is not enough. The Government has a lot of land, but the majority of these lands sold to private developers for the construction of expensive private residence. Although the government provides more flats, at the same time should also be re-planning and land development. On the other hand, there are a little quantities of "Public Rental Housing" in the society and the applicants need to wait for about 3 years to apply PRH so I think providing sufficient quantity of the Public rental housing to cater for the needs of the public is another good method and I will increase the quantity of the Public rental housing from now 15,000 units per year to 25,000 units in the future.


Benefits:   People can have their own self-occupied properties. The prices of HOS are lower than the luxury properties. People can save deposit easily for buying houses in the future.   Working-class no need to rent expensive private flats People’s life quality can be improved because they have extra money to do other thing, like shopping.

Regulation of Property Developers

Legislation is an effective method to...

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