Hongkong Avionics Case Study

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Assignment: Hong Kong Avionics Case Study
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Steve Morgan’s Profile
Steve Morgan’s management style seems to be very authoritarian. The low level management of the Hong Kong Avionics is very unsatisfied with Steve’s management style. They feel that the upper management or the former students of Steve are more looked after than them. Although Steve stresses his employees to be team players but the ‘pecking order’ of the organization makes it really difficult for the research scientists and technicians to work as a team. Many employees think that Steve is insensitive towards them and he is also aloof as he is mostly not available when his ...view middle of the document...

Emotional Intelligence.
Steve has the ability of self regulation since there is no evidence in the case study that Steve was careless, impulsive or jealous in making his decisions. But on the characteristic of empathy Steve is in the lower range because he only looks after his former students and the lower management of HKA is very dissatisfied and this is also the main reason for such a high turnover.
Types of Stress the Employees of HKA are facing
Pat Klee
Pat may be going through the time stress; he had work deadlines and no staff to help him. Case study shows that Pat’s staff was usually reassigned to other projects whose deadlines were near and it took him a lot of time to brief the new technicians. He has deadlines of his own too and without the adequate number of technicians his workload just increases.

Sarah Wu
Sarah may suffer from encounter stress. The case study shows that Steve is always busy to answer important queries. Steve is not there to answer some of the proposal related questions or to guide her through the work. This poor relationship and communication among Sarah and Steve can cause high levels of stress.
Chris Chen
According to Chris there is no appreciation for good work, no autonomy over how to do a task, there is no feedback over the work done and there are biased policies for employees in the lower management. This all leads to encounter stress and issue conflict.
Meg Conroy
Meg may have the situational stress arising from the fact that her working conditions are not favourable. No favourable in the sense that the whole administration department including her is isolated from rest of the departments. Administration department’s work is taken as irrelevant and whatever work they do it doesn’t matter to any other employee.
Paul Ginelli
Paul is experiencing encounter stress. He is going through role conflict because there is no clear communication of what his goals are and what he is required to do. Also he may be going through situational stress as well. In his interview he states that there is too much supervision, favouritism at work and there is no set schedule of work and these are all the elements of working environment.

Sandra Milton
Sandra may be going through encounter stress. She is fairly limited in her interactions with other employees. She wants to take more responsibility and be able to supervise others in her department but she is unable to do so which leads to action conflict.
Key Issues at HKA
Some of the main problems that HKA and its employees are facing...

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