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Hooters And Men Essay

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Hooters and Men

I don’t know why I feel so nervous. I’ve eaten at Hooters once before and it wasn’t so terrible. It’s just a wing joint where the waitresses are famous for being bosomy. Maybe that’s it. I feel inadequate. My small chest will pale in comparison to the over abundance of female flesh put so confidently on display and my boyfriend will never look at me the same. Come to think of it, why was he so proud and anxious to tell every male friend he had that his girlfriend asked him to go to Hooters with her? And why did they respond with cheers, hollers and, “man, you’re so lucky?” The feeling of trepidation grows as our car nears the dreaded restaurant. I don’t need to ...view middle of the document...

My boyfriend and I choose a table against the wall. This table is high off the ground and we sit on stools, which makes it feel like we are at a bar, or another type of informal eatery. Almost immediately, our waitress comes to our table and introduces herself as our Hooters Girl. I’m shocked when I recognize her. I graduated with this girl! We were on the same softball team! And now she’s my Hooters Girl? The nerves in my stomach begin to work overtime. “Jill, I didn’t know you went to school here,” she casually remarks, completely unconcerned with the fact that her cleavage, due to the height of the table, is practically in my face. “Yah, I go to NDSU,” I reply in my best conversational tone. Perhaps sensing my unease, she proceeds to take our drink orders and then goes back to work.

I start to look around the room. Everything is made out of wood. I feel like I’m in a log cabin; the walls, the floor, the tables and chairs, everything is the same shade of outdoorsy wood. Nothing about the place is fancy, instead it has more of a rustic atmosphere. The ceiling is plastered with posters advertising beer. Pictures of athletes and signs with sarcastic remarks (employee incentive: work or get fired) cover the walls. The wall on the opposite side of the restaurant, of what appears to be right above the kitchen is covered with various bumper stickers. On the right hand side an enormous, white number 69 is prominently displayed for no particular reason. Oldie music is playing in the background. I notice a child sitting in a booster chair with a balloon tied on the back. He’s out to eat with his father. I see a few couples sitting at various places around the room, but the vast majority of the tables are filled with large groups of males, males of all ages. Some dressed in suits and others dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. This holds true with the statistics: “The people that visit Hooters come from all walks of life, but most are male (70%) between the ages of 25-54” (Hooters Quick Facts, par 4). Still, it isn’t just a male restaurant, as I had feared it would be. People of all ages, from old enough to be a grandparent to young enough to need a booster chair, patron Hooters. Furthermore, members of both of the sexes are present. Granted the men greatly outnumber the women…and if a woman is present she’s accompanied by at least one man…nonetheless there are members of both sexes! I notice that at some of the tables waitresses are sitting down, flirting with the customers and sometimes exchanging phone numbers. I turn my attention to the menu and see that almost all of the food is some type of finger food. This is probably why there is no silverware set on the tables. It also helps to explain the presence of a roll of paper towels on each and every table. It must be messy finger food. I then notice the restaurant’s slogan on the back of a waitress’ tank top, “Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined.”

Our Hooters Girl returns...

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