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An analysis of case study (Response Time Estimation: a Study of Hospital Information Management System)

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Introduction of case study:-

This case study is about software performance engineering, which was applied in hospital information management system to reduce response time. ...view middle of the document...

It helps healthcare providers in delivering the best healthcare to patients at the lowest cost. It also Safeguards data integrity, security and accessibility. Captures and analyses clinical data which improves the quality of service.

Different modules of hospital information system are designed to cater the need of different department of hospital, like diet module, ward module, registration module, laboratory module, billing module etc.

Analysis of case study:-

• All hospital are using hospital information system in their daily operation and a software re engineered with an output of reduced response will be very much applicable.

• As hospital information system is used at all major areas of hospital like in Front Office, Finance, Cash Counter, Pharmacy, Medical Information, Laboratory, Inventory and Payroll etc so, reduction in response time at each level will yield good result for hospital.

• Basic advantages of using hospital information system are it is quick, economic and complete. And continuous up gradation through software performance engineering will make it more efficient.

• Software performance engineering makes end product more objective oriented and hence produce more accurate error free result. The process continues through the detailed design, coding, and testing stages to develop more precise models of the software and its predicted performance.

• For any software performance refers to Response time/responsiveness and scalability are the parameters through which performance are measured. The response time is the time required to respond to a request while scalability refers to how fast a system can respond to increasing workload.

• Most of the problems of software are due to design factor and software performance engineering tries to eliminate design error before its final production and hence results in creating responsive software.

• Software Performance Engineering helps in producing the data required for evaluation, procedures for obtaining performance specifications, and guidelines for the types of evaluation to be conducted at each development stage.

• As hospital information system stores and processes patient data, accounting information, hospital administration and inventory updates so it should be error free and it can be assured on the basis of prediction of systems performance through software performance engineering.

• As hospital information system stores medical record of patients which should not be accessible to every person having access to the HIS, so before execution of hospital information software this parameter should be evaluated through software performance engineering.

• Hospital information system consist of various module like ward module, registration module, diet module etc, each module is designed to perform specific task and all these modules allows hospital to automate their workflow and make entire operation smooth and software performance...

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