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Hospitality Essay

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Sommelier: Beer and Wine from Microbreweries – Wineries

The benefits of being a Wine Sommelier are vast including having the knowledge of the many different wines that are available, the way they are prepared, the regions they come from, what scents and flavors they have, how to pour and much more. Usually someone who is in this profession has a very high interest in making people happy by pairing the absolutely best wine with their food or just for having friends over. Some go on to have their own vineyard are open restaurants that feature their own brand of wine.
The benefits for Beer Sommeliers are things such as being able to give the customers the best beer to go with ...view middle of the document...

There are many different things you can do that would all be fun and could be very different and interesting.
The challenges would be making sure that you can deal with people who may become drunk and belligerent, making sure that you have enough money to keep your place going, making sure you have the proper insurance to cover your business. Making sure that you are able to keep up with the hours is very important and can wear a lot of people down. You have to make sure that you have something different than other people because the biggest problem that you will face other than having enough money is the competition. With the economy and the way people drink when they are depressed, the competition to get the money is fierce. Having enough money to advertise and maintain your establishment is a big factor.
* What can a club manager do that a restaurant manager cannot do to provide exceptional service to members?
The Club Manager assumes the role of Chief Operating Officer and has the responsibilities of marketing, food and beverage management, facility management, cost control and home owners associations when applicable. The Restaurant Manager can only manage what is going on in the restaurant. They will take care...

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