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Hospitality And Tourism Essay

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Destinations are the core of tourism, an industry which is generally defined as temporary travel away from home and the activities undertaken there. From a consumer’s perspective, a destination can seem to be like any other travel destinations that provide broadly similar benefits.

1. Definition
Branding is about establishing the identity of a tourism offering in the minds of consumers or visitors. It has been defined as a distinctive name or symbol which identifies a product, or set of products, and which differentiates it from its competitors (Cooke, 1996).

Destination branding is a process that can be likened generically to destination image ...view middle of the document...

It also serves as a base for promotion of other products. In order for the brand to be successful, it has to be credible, deliverable, differentiating from other destinations, conveying powerful ideas, enthusing for trade partners, and must resonate with the consumer.


Affectionately known as the Little Red Dot, Singapore is so much more than the name modestly implies. Singapore is home to outstanding sporting events, world-class convention centres and the best health care in Asia.

Out of all the products that Singapore has to offer, five factors will be elaborated to capture the uniqueness of Singapore and the essence of what it has to offer as a tourist destination.

2.1 Food
Being a multi-racial society, Singapore offers its visitors many varieties of foods to satiate the voracious and varying appetites of the different races in Singapore. Being a nation that makes up of people from all attributes of life living harmoniously together, one can find Singapore's vast array of hawker stalls and restaurants that offers uniquely Singapore taste. Endless food promotions and tours such as the Singapore Food Festival are organised to bring out the uniqueness of Singapore.

2.2 People
One thing that makes Singapore truly unique is its people. An island inhabited by over 4 million people - a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-lingual society that thrives on diversity, one that continues to live and work together harmoniously.
2.3 Shopping
In a recent Country Brand Index survey conducted in 2006, it is found that international travellers saw Singapore as the second-best place for shopping, behind the United States but ahead of Italy and Japan. The revitalisation of Orchard Road and events such as the Great Singapore Sale probably helped in making Singapore a unique place to shop in. (Refer to Appendix A)

2.4 Entertainment and Nightlife
In the annual Country brand Index 2006, Singapore is ranked second globally for nightlife. Singapore's nightlife has grown with its increase in interesting nightspots, and also with the young middle class beginning to spend more on entertainment. The two must-sees in Singapore clubbing scene, Ministry of Sound and Zouk, are also drawing more visitors to the region. (Refer to Appendix A)

2.5 Uniquely Singapore Events
Events such as the island-wide Great Singapore Sale and Singapore Food Food Festival allow the visitors to experience the Singapore craze over shopping and food, and enjoy being with her people. Singapore also offers and hosts sports events such as the annual Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, and also has in place to bring pleasure to the visitors’ eyes through the Singapore Fireworks Festival.


Since the 1960s till the present, the then Singapore Promotion Tourism Board (STPB), which is now renamed as Singapore...

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