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Hot Tub Mystery Answers Essay

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Hot Tub Mystery Answers
Part I
1) The paramedics on the scene observed empty bottles of wine around the perimeter of the hot tub. The bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Underhill lie at the bottom of the tub which had a noticeably above average temperature. The couple was determined to have been dead long before the paramedics arrived. It was also mentioned that Mr. Underhill had taken Lasix before entering the hot tub.
2) Based on these observations the investigators should ask the maid why the hot tub was at an unsafe temperature. Other areas of concern include the medication Mr. Underhill was on, what time the maid got home, and how long the Underhill’s had been dead upon arrival.
3) The ...view middle of the document...

In the case of Mrs. Underhill who was not on blood pressure medication I presume her death was caused by dehydration as well, a result of the hot water and alcohol combination.
Part II
1) I believe that the Underhill’s died prior to them going under the water. I assume the couple’s death was due to dehydration caused by the high water temperature and further affected by the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol potentially effected the couples’ decision making causing them to increase their level of dehydration by staying in the hot tub longer than prescribed.
2) Under the effects of Lasix Mr. Underhill’s body was prevented from absorbing to much salt, which instead was directed straight to the urine quickening the process of dehydration in the body.
3) Blood alcohol content is the concentration of alcohol in one's bloodstream. Blood alcohol content is used to determine whether a person is legally intoxicated or not.
4) The general effects of alcohol on the brain are blurred vision, weakened motor skills, blurred vision, slurred speech, slowed reaction times and impaired memory. In the liver alcohol causes fat deposits to develop in the liver and cause inflammation even eventually liver disease. Similarly, in the pancreas prolonged use can cause inflammation which yields vomiting, fever, weight loss, and is potentially fatal. Lastly, in the kidneys alcohol can increase the risk of high blood pressure developing in chronic kidney disease.
5) The human body metabolizes 1oz of alcohol every...

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