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Hotel Escargo Quality Improvement Essay

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Teresa Luna
American Intercontinental University
Quality Management and Continuous Improvement
MGT656-1104A-01: IP2 Continual Improvement
October 16, 2011

This paper examines customer service and the check-in and check-out process of Hotel Escargo and how new technology can speed up the check in and check out process.

Put together all of your work and planning for the hotel to date, as well as additional research through Library articles now, for a slide presentation with notes for the management team and owner of Hotel Escargo.
To continue quality improvements, Hotel Escargo will implement the six steps in the Continuous Quality Improvement process

The cost of ...view middle of the document...

For example, if total quality costs are $2000 then the break down might be $400 for product testing, $600 for replacing sheets for a higher quality and $1000 for retraining employees.

8. Combine the prevention, measurement and failure costs to calculate the total quality costs. Add the quality costs with the product or service costs to understand the fully loaded costs.

9. The final step is to summarize all of the information into a clear and concise report that will make it easier for everyone to understand.

Check In/Out:
For Hotel Escargo it takes an average of 5 minutes and 18 seconds to check into the hotel-far longer than the industry standard of 4 minutes or less (Assignment Asset- Scenario, 2011). New technologies can greatly decrease the time it takes for customers to check in and out of the hotel. One recommendation is the use of a lobby kiosk such as used by the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. The kiosk allows guests to check-in and check-out, process credit cards, print receipts and program room keys for themselves fast and efficiently. Hotel staff is on hand should problems arise (Lansa, 2011).
At check out in the mornings the customer can again utilize the kiosk to return their room key and a printout of charges would be made. As soon as checkout is started the valet would be notified on his blackberry by the kiosk and he would immediately bring the car around. The Kiosk would streamline the current process considerably, enabling the customer to check out with only two steps, checking out of at the kiosk and actually leaving the property, while the hotel took care of everything else, including transporting the luggage and getting the car.
The positives aspects for utilizing a kiosk are:
Accessible - check in always available
Responsive - no waiting and prompt attention
Knowledgeable – the correct room is offered the first lime
Accurate - right room right key
Ease of use - low effort
Safe - no incorrect billing
Below is a flow chart for the new check-in/checkout Kiosk.
Customer makes reservation online or via phone (must give credit card information) customer receives reservation confirmation number.
Customer arrives, gives keys to valet, valet pages bellhop via button at his station
Customer enters lobby and proceeds to kiosk check in – enters reservation number, confirms room and charges, receives room key.

While customer is checking in bellhop has gotten luggage out of car and is...

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